Buyer has not made payment or cannot be contacted - How to file an SNC?

Thank you for your e-mail.

Please be advised if a buyer has failed to complete a sale you may lodge an SNC (Sale Not Completed) against them to avoid paying the Success fees on the item. This can only be done when an item has been not paid for by a buyer or the buyer cannot be contacted and it has to be 7 Days after the completion of the sale or close of the listing. If the SNC has not been completed by both parties before our debit order run then you would still be debited for the fee however once the SNC has been completed, your bidorbuy account will be credited with the success fees.  Should there be no appeal or response from the buyer after 7 days, your SNC will be finalised and you will be credited your success fees back and we will file a non-fulfillment warning against the buyer.
To file an SNC login to My Bidorbuy and under the Selling section you need the click on File SNC option at the bottom right hand corner of the page.  For more information on SNC's please see the Sale Not Completed page.