That Thrilling Feeling

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Buyers come to bidorbuy for the bargains. Sellers come to make money. Both enjoy the thrill of online bidding. 

A visit to is like a walk through an Eastern bazaar.

Jewellery and watches rub shoulders with camping gear; laptops with antiques; musical instruments with holistic and esoteric objects.

Missing are the vendors shouting in your ear and pulling at your sleeve. Also missing is the confusion of a typical Eastern bazaar. Instead, when you enter bidorbuy you encounter meticulous order. The wealth of choices is nicely arranged and clearly labelled. More than thirty categories, each with several subcategories, make it easy to refine your search and zoom straight to the needle in the haystack.

The order and the ease of navigation do not equate with bland shopping experience. On the contrary. Most users get quite a thrill that goes beyond acquiring or selling an item: the thrill inherent to the excitement of bidding.

For buyers, auctions are a chance to get a desired item at a bargain; not just to buy it, but to win it from under the noses of the competitors.

For sellers, the auction format can be the most rewarding way of selling online. This format is particularly well suited for non-standard, collectible items whose worth is subject to debate.

All you need in order to put an item on a bidorbuy online auction is Internet connection, time – and willingness to let the market forces attach a price to your precious collectibles.

Here is a 10-step guide to conducting a successful online auction:

  1. Register on as a seller and wait 3-4 days to be approved
  2. While waiting, organise a photo-shoot of your items
  3. List your item in the correct category
  4. Give your listing an accurate and short title
  5. Describe your item in words
  6. Upload the images you took in step 2
  7. Stay around your computer during the auction and answer all questions prospective buyers ask
  8. Wait for the payment
  9. Send the goods
  10. Remember to enclose a thank-you note