TheTwilight Saga - New Moon

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The Twilight Saga - New Moon

This sequel to Twilight, based on the wildly popular teen fiction series by Stephanie Meyer, has teenage vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) leaving  town with the rest of his abstinent clan that drinks animal blood, not human.

Although his love, Bella (Kristen Stewart) doesn’t know it, Edward’s desertion is an act of ultimate sacrifice to keep her safe from himself and his kind.  Bella, heart-broken, depressed, and aching for Edward, discovers that his image comes to her whenever she is in danger, and resorts to increasingly self destructive behaviour in a desperate effort to feel him near her at any cost.

With time, she finds a soul mate in Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), her childhood friend, who is revealed to be a werewolf.  Their blossoming mutual attraction helps her overcome her grief over Edward’s perceived abandonment, leaving Bella with the predicament of choosing between two men, both of whom she loves, and who love her.  Meanwhile, a misunderstanding leads Edward to believe that Bella is dead, and he prepares to commit suicide. Upon hearing this, Bella rushes to save him, and having discovered his real reason for leaving her, agrees to marry him.

Diehard fans will agree that this movie adaptation of the second novel in the Twilight Series, directed by Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass) and scripted by Melissa Rosenberg, is faithful enough to the original story.
The mood of New Moon is somewhat darker than that of its predecessor, with better effects, more horror and more action. The introduction of the Volturi, the powerful coven of vampires who are the keepers of order in vampire society, adds the element of gore and violence that would normally be expected of the vampire genre, as they, unlike the Cullens, do not abstain from drinking human blood. 

Kristen Stewart plays the angst-ridden, maladjusted Bella as though she was  born for the role. While the dishy Pattinson’s rather limited screen time may have been cause for disappointment among his young female fans, Lautner’s impressively sculpted, often bared torso, profusely worthy of some shrieks and swoons, amply makes up for this letdown.

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