Eyewear Fashion Guide for Buying Sunglasses

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Spectacular Spectacles

Eyewear fashion continues its love affair with the retro look;  the oversized, chunky frames of the seventies and eighties with their bold colours, suitably tweaked for today,  dominate designer sunglass collections.  Many of the new, high-end items available this season are classics, and so well worth the moolah you’ll be splashing on them.  The trick is to decide carefully which shape suits your face best or you’ll end up a fashion disaster.

Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer, a celeb favourite all through 2008 which still refuses to go away, spells instant chic, with frames in classic shades.
Animal prints are what you need for that oh-so-casual look.  Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer Rare Prints feature two-toned frames, perfect on a face with wide, high cheekbones.   If you have an oval face, two must-check-outs are Prada’s gorgeous butterfly-shaped sunglasses and D & G ‘s leopard prints. 

Prada’s square-to-oblong range with slim frames and gradient lenses are hugely popular this season.  For a holiday weekend, try Prada Sport’s trendy, rimless sunnies with pastel coloured sides.
The Oakley Elite C Six is made of the same stuff that goes into Rolls Royce propeller engines – pure carbon fibre, incredibly light and as strong as...a plane?  If you’re prepared to fork out a stylish US $ 4,000, it’s yours!

Lesser beings might opt for Ray-Ban’s “Remaster” series which bring back the nostalgia of the 50s with greats like the Clubmaster. And let’s not forget the New Ray-Ban Aviator, an updated version of the now iconic style.

For sheer funwear, Ray-Ban’s Colorize range is hard to beat, with super-light frames in funky colours and styles available in metal and plastic (Jackie Ohh, anyone?).  If you’re just not into the bug-eyed look, check out the Guess Foxy II, ideal for smaller, narrow faces.  D & G’s DD series also offers several streamlined options with cool, translucent lenses and a host of frame designs.

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