Bandslam - A Review of the Movie

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Bandslam is a high energy, music-themed high school story. The film, directed by Todd Graff, has a talented cast including High School Musical sensation, Vanessa Hudgens and Ally Michalka. Lisa Kudrow from Friends plays mom to newcomer Gaelan Connell. With this impressive cast, great music and  visual liveliness, it’s perfect viewing for  the teen crowd. A witty and well plotted screenplay makes even adults long to be teenagers!

The story revolves around Charlotte Banks (Aly Michalka), a truly gifted singer-songwriter, who puts together a music band and encourages music enthusiast Will Burton (Gaelan Connell) to manage it. She aspires to win the Bandslam music competition against the chief opponent, her ex-boyfriend.

The band develops under Will’s tutelage and is a contender for the top spot at the competition. Meanwhile, a relationship develops between Will and Sam (Vanessa Hudgens), a guitarist and a talented singer.  Just as the band is gearing up for the competition, disaster strikes. This is Will’s chance to stand up in the face of disappointment and rise to the occasion. In the process, he learns who his true friends are. Lisa Kudrow in her role as Will’s single mom fits the role perfectly.

This movie is less predictable than other such teen based movies. Bandslam explores the depths of friendship, adolescent angst and emotional struggles of teenagers. The perils of adolescence, explained in a musical setting gives it a cool appeal for young audiences. The DVD of the movie is out already.

Humour along with interesting pop and retro music is the key highlight of Bandslam. It is a remarkable family film based on the premise of productive teenage friendship, with catchy music and a young, endowed cast for the kids, while matching a parent’s perspective of a good teen movie.

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