George Lopez Brings Speedy Gonzalez Back to Life

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Speedy Gonzales, the celebrity mouse, has been outwitting cats since his 1953, debut in Cat-Tails for Two, directed by Robert McKimson. For years Speedy humiliated and outran Sylvester the Cat, and along the way co-starred with Daffy Duck, appeared in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and starred in Volkswagen commercials. He inspired Pat Boone’s US Top 10 song “Speedy Gonzales”, and had brief roles in Space Jam and Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Cartoon Network finally pulled the plug on the series for what many felt was racist and coarse stereotyping of Mexicans. Ironically, the controversy in the USA has done little to dent Speedy’s popularity in Latin America, where he is perceived as a hero.

In his adventures, the sombrero sporting mouse with the over-the-top Mexican accent is the only quick-witted one in his coterie of slow, drunken, lazy, thieving and dim-witted Mexican mice. There is also the stereotype of unfashionably dressed Mexicans who all wear sombreros, and are always up against the privileged white people.

Racist or not, “the fastest mouse in all of Mexico” was sorely missed, and is being brought back to life by popular demand – this time on the big screen. This version is developed by the writers of Garfield and creators of Toy Story and voiced by Mexican American comedian and actor George Lopez.

Speedy Gonzales will retain his comedic Mexican accent, his oversized yellow sombrero, his signature red kerchief and his ability to run extremely fast, and for the sake of political correctness, will shed some of his racism and meanness, emerging as a less obnoxious, misunderstood misfit.  In keeping with the times, the new and improved Speedy will be presented with state-of-the-art CGI technology.

Probably best known for starring in the self-produced ABC sitcom named after him, George Lopez is also the host of the late-night sitcom Lopez Tonight.  He examines race and ethnic relations in his stand-up comedy, including that of his own Mexican-American culture. He has appeared in The Spy Next Door with Jackie Chan and in Valentine’s Day; and lent his voice to Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

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