Movies, Books, Music and Games to Watch Out for in April 2010

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Take a look at some suggestions for movies, books, music and games to while the time away this month...


The Book of Eli: Three decades after the end of the world, Eli (played by Denzel Washington) travels across the US to salvage a sacred text and protect mankind.

Other ‘end of the world’ classics we recommend are:

The Core: A team of scientists attempt to save the world after its core stops spinning. Starring Aaron Eckhart and Hilary Swank.

Sunshine: A group of scientists plan to reignite the dying sun before the Earth becomes permanently dark. Starring Cillian Murphy and Michelle Yeoh.

End of Days: An ex-cop (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) must save the world when Satan (in the form of a banker played by Gabriel Byrne) threatens to set off the apocalypse. 

2012: The world is coming to an end as prophesied by the Mayans and it is up to a science fiction novelist (played by John Cusack) to retrieve the map of a secret ark project designed to save humanity. Also starring Thandie Newton, Amanda Peet, and Woody Harrelson.

Armageddon: A huge asteroid is headed for the Earth and NASA calls upon an unlikely group of people (oil-drillers played by Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck among others) to save the planet. 

The Happening: Something mysterious is threatening to wipe out humanity and it is up to a high school teacher (played by Mark Wahlberg) and his wife (played by Zooey Deschanel) to decipher the truth. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan. 



The Girl who played with Fire (2010): Stieg Larsson’s novel (fiction) is about Mikael Blomkvist – a magazine publisher who investigates the sex trade in Sweden.

Exit Wound: Rutu Modan’s graphic novel tells the story of a cabbie named Franco in Tel Aviv whose normal life is disrupted when a soldier tells him that his father was killed by a suicide bomber.

Spud - Learning to Fly: Written by John Van de Ruit, this novel tells the story of Spud Milton and his fascinating experiences in boarding school.


Listen to:

Up to now: A collection of 30 great songs from the cool alternative rock band Snow Patrol, featuring smash hits such as Ask Me How I Am.

Battle Studies: A dozen songs scored by the talented John Mayer, including hits such as Assassin and Heartbreak Warfare.

Raditude: Another alternative rock album – this time from the band Weezer – hit the spot with several great tracks including Can't Stop Partying.

This Is War: The third album from the famous rock band, 30 Seconds to Mars featuring popular numbers such as Hurricane, Vox Populi, and Alibi.



Professor Layton and the Curious Village: Lose yourself in the Victorian era as you crack more than 100 puzzles, mazes, and riddles with the help of Professor Layton and his assistant, Luke. Playable on Nintendo DS systems.

Avatar – The Game: If you fell in love with Pandora, you’ll enjoy this game (playable on the Xbox 360 and other platforms) where you can pick sides, choose awesome weapons, hone your skills, and defend the Na’vi or the RDA Corporation.     

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