Buying And Caring for Your Clothing - Choosing the Right Clothing Hangers

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Like most people, you probably spend a packet on buying and maintaining clothes. But how do you store them? Typically, people tend to buy a dozen hangers every time they hit the department store, little realising there’s no such thing as a ‘universal’ hanger! The truth is that different clothes need different hangers. Follow these simple rules to ensure that they get a longer lease of life! You’ll also save on wardrobe space and keep your clothes efficiently organised for easy retrieval.

Types of Clothes Hangers

Clothes hangers have traditionally been made out of wire or wood but other varieties such as plastic, coated wire, velvet, vinyl, non-slip, satin, bamboo, and padded ones are also extremely popular today. This ready reckoner tells you how to match your clothes with the right hangers.

Wooden Hangers

Wooden hangers are generally used for heavier clothes such as coats, suits, tailored jackets, sport coats, winter coats and blazers. Often, they will be slightly contoured so that these items of clothing keep their shape and remain smooth and wrinkle-free. Some wooden hangers will have notches or clips so that the clothes don’t slip. They’ll also have a trouser bar so you can coordinate your jackets and trousers. Wooden hangers are durable and look very classy, especially in natural matte, mahogany, cedar, bamboo, and walnut finishes.

Metal/wire Hangers

For daily wear, metal or wire hangers are both affordable and functional. Typically, these sleek hangers are one continuous structure (therefore, they don’t damage your clothes) made of heavy gauge metal. They even come in chrome, brass, aluminium, and nickel finishes with attractively moulded hooks. These are ideal for clothes made from finer and lighter fabrics (such as casual shirts). Also, their flat design saves valuable wardrobe space.

Padded Hangers

Use padded hangers for delicate items such as sweaters, special costumes, expensive dresses and dress shirts. The all-around padding makes sure that your elegant clothes stay that way.

Plastic Hangers

These are the most popular type of hangers today and are ideal for lighter clothes. Skirts, casual trousers and shirts and other daily use stuff can go on these. T-shirts, polo shirts, and casual blouses also do well when hung on plastic hangers.

Wardrobe Rules

  • Never use plastic hangers for heavy items such as winter coats.
  • Never fold clothes made of silk and satin because it may damage the fabric and shape. Instead, use velvet or padded hangers.
  • Use dedicated hangers for items such as ties and belts.
  • Use clamp or swing-arm hangers so you can store your skirts without creasing them.
  • Use tiered multi-slack hangers to store several pants together within the same space without indentions.
  • Hang black clothes and suede garments inside out to prevent lint from other clothes rubbing onto them.
  • Sweaters should ideally be folded because hanging results in shape loss. But if you have no space to fold and store them, make sure you use padded hangers only.
  • Use canvas, satin, or linen hangers for lingerie

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