I, Alex Cross - A Review of the New Book from James Patterson

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I, Alex Cross

If you’re on the lookout for a book that’s simply unputdownable, James Patterson’s I, Alex Cross, has to be it! Written in classic Patterson style, this book proves again that Patterson is without a doubt the “thrillingest thriller writer around.”

While the book works pretty well as a standalone novel, it continues the brilliant track record of Washington, D.C. police detective and psychologist, Alex Cross.
The book begins with the family celebrating Cross’s birthday. Suddenly, the phone rings and joy turns to sorrow when Cross is informed that his niece Caroline has been brutally murdered.

When Cross sees Caroline’s body, he is horrified; the body has been mangled almost beyond recognition.  As he battles his own emotions, Cross unravels a plot that takes him right to the top and involves some of Washington’s most influential names. 

Apparently, his niece was only one among the many high class adult escorts who have been reported missing. Closer investigations reveal that all murdered girls were in some way connected to a person called ‘Zeus’.

While Alex Cross is determined to get to the bottom of the nasty affair, the big ones on top are equally determined to keep their dirty secrets. What ensues is a battle of wits and wills, as each group tries to outsmart the other. As detective Cross moves closer towards tracking down the killer, he finds that he is also inching towards a revelation that could change the very course of history.

Patterson fans can expect enough gory details of bloodshed, raw thrills, unexpected twists and hardcore action. The pace is satisfyingly fast and the events described horrifying and heartbreaking in turns.

While critics have ridiculed the Patterson style of writing, one thing is for sure – the man knows how to tell and sell a story. If you’re already a Patterson fan, I, Alex Cross is not something you’ll want to miss. And if you aren’t, this book may well change your mind.

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