Music, Movies, Books and Games to Buy and Enjoy in June 2010

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What to Watch, Read, Play and Listen to in June 2010

Movies to Watch

The Cove
Even if documentaries are not your cup of tea, The Cove is a compelling watch. Defiantly non-documentary in style, this commentary on the brutal treatment of dolphins and other small marine animals paces itself more like an adventure thriller.

Slick direction by Louie Psihoyos, adroit assembling by award winning editor Geoffrey Richman and the tear jerking presence of Flipper’s trainer Richard O’Barry catapults the documentary instantly to cult status. And yes, it definitely is worth buying the DVD if you are a fan of documentaries.

How about a dose of spine chilling, gut wrenching horror to make you unwind and appreciate the goodness in your life?

The Thing
Can a horror movie from the 80’s top the charts in 2010? The Thing very clearly can. Its timeless appeal lies in its riveting plot – a rendezvous between a group of stranded American scientists and a dog which eventually turns out to be an alien.

Star performances from Kurt Russel and Keith David, a minimalist setting and a remarkable sense of timing ensure that you get your share of goose bumps!

Japanese director Takashi Miike’s film Audition begins as a light romantic comedy but slowly segues into unexpectedly dark realms.

Shigeharu Aoyama (Ryo Ishibashi), a widower, acquiesces to his producer friend’s suggestion to find himself a wife by conducting a false audition. Even before the audition begins, Aoyama becomes infatuated with the resume of an actress, Asami Yamazaki (Eihi Shiina). When he meets her in the flesh, the passion becomes real. The two plunge into a torrid affair until Asami disappears without a trace. As Aoyama tries to trace her, the supernatural elements that were just hinted at in the beginning become all too real.


Children of the Corn
This mid-western Gothic movie, where children turn monstrous as they slaughter off the adults, is a cult classic that recalls William Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies. It’s fantastic and macabre in turns – chills guaranteed!


The Exorcism of Emily Rose
A courtroom movie or a horror film? The Exorcism of Emily Rose is a bit of both and unusually, does credit to both genres. Drawing inspiration from a true story, it is themed as a battle of wits between the Church and dark, supernatural forces. By turns scary and plain disturbing, The Exorcism of Emily Rose is definitely different.


Wolf Creek
Horror movie fans will truly appreciate the edge-of-the-seat sensation that this enigmatic movie evokes. Three vacationers in Australia visit Wolf Creek, an ancient meteorite crater park, little realising this is an inescapable descent into hell. The open ended conclusion is downright creepy. Strictly for those who can stomach it!


Cabin Fever
Welcome back to the good old horror of the 70’s and 80’s! Cabin Fever by director Eli Roth throws five young people together in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. As the going gets tough and the horror factor crescendos, friends turn foes and the game plays out by the age old rule of survival of the fittest. By turns grotesque and funny, this is one movie that has inspired many imitators and is worth watching if only for that reason.


What to Read

Manhattan is my Beat
One of Jeffrey Deaver’s earlier novels, Manhattan is my Beat is the first of the Rune trilogy. It takes its name from a film noir that is watched almost obsessively by a man who frequents Rune’s video store. When he dies in what seems to be a murder, Rune is certain that the key to finding the killer lies in the movie itself. A fun read that is likely to keep you turning the pages compulsively.



Bob Marley – The Untold Story
If you’re a Bob Marley or reggae fan, this book should find a place in your library. If you aren’t, this book may convert you! Written by Chris Salewicz, who knew Bob at his worst and at his best, The Untold Story provides a glimpse into the life of a musical genius who became a legend starting with his first album.


The Devil's Garden
Does life really give you a second chance? Or will your new life be haunted by visitations from the past? That’s the question Michal Roman has to answer before he can lay the ghosts in his life to rest. Reading Richard Montanari’s novel is like watching a movie – crisp and relentless in its march to the inevitable conclusion.



Listening Pleasure

The Blueprint 3
After the record-breaking success of the first two Blueprint albums, Jay-Z’s back with the last of the trilogy. This is Jay-Z at his best, bearing the torch for hip-hop culture. The messages are quite different from the first two albums but the delivery is typically Jay-Z, punchy and compelling, proving he’s one of the best emcees of all times.

Sci-fi Crimes
An engaging set of ‘songs’, Sci-fi is perfect for those days when you’re particularly raw. A total breakaway from Chevelle’s previous rock albums, Sci-fi Crimes is hardly mainstream. The result is an esoteric set of songs that the true worshipper of rock will savour. Pulsating energy and cryptic lyrics combine to produce a riveting set of songs that will keep you coming back for more.


This is it
A fitting tribute to the King of Pop, This Is It by Kenny Ortega, Michael Jackson’s close associate, attempts to give Jackson fans an intimation of what Jackson’s comeback tour may have been like, had he lived to perform it. Complete with backstage shots, candid footage and exclusive interviews, this musical documentary is a must-see, whether or not you’re an MJ fan.

Go Play!

Army of Two: The 40th Day 
Army of Two: The 40th Day is heavy on both sound and entertainment. Get ready for some satisfying, brutal gunplay, blast your way through hordes of menacing evil enemies and save the day with your customised weapons!  The game has amazing replay value and is engaging enough to have you glued mind, body and soul as you attempt to save the city of Shanghai from a deluge of missiles.


An immensely enjoyable post-apocalyptic adventure, this brutal combat game offers you an extensive world where you are called on to maintain the balance between the forces of Heaven and Hell. While being ambitious, it is visually gripping, has plenty of mind boggling puzzles for you to unravel and constantly rewards you for smart moves.


Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2 vividly colours the bleak vacuum of space. With a cast of diverse and interesting characters, this stellar plot sweeps across galaxies, sucking you into a game that is literally larger than life. Solid shooting encounters and an exciting art design suck you deep into an intense dramatic experience.

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