Zombie Novels

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Zombie Novels

Although zombies are usually associated with off-beat independent films, they’ve wormed their way (clawing and biting) into literature too, firmly cementing their status in pop-culture.

Why We Love Zombies

A zombie is a (rotting) body separated from a mind and a soul. It is a pure physical existence, with only the desire to eat (usually your brains). A zombie is a person with no ability to think for itself or feel sorry for its actions. It simply wants to eat you. It wants to munch on your brains in order to turn you into a zombie too; to turn the whole world into zombies!

Zombies in Literature

Some zombie tales pursue the possibility that the infectious un-dead will begin to populate the world, attacking every living creatureand the various rules that you should learn by heart to prepare for the day this happens. In some stories, zombie viruses go beyond the biological, and affect us through technology; while some novels tell of a future in which we over come the zombies and turn them into our slaves. The newest fad in the zombie craze sees the disintegrating, un-dead tossed in with the greatest literary classics of the past.

Here are a couple of ravenous zombie books to get stuck into:

Zombie Survival Guide: The rules to live by for when it happens (and it will happen...).

Cell: Cell phones begin transmitting this infectious zombie disease.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The original Pride and Prejudice script, now with added zombies.

World War Z: A post-apocalyptic collection of individual accounts of a world taken over by zombies

501 Things to do with a Zombie: When your friends turn into zombies, don't despair, you can still have fun with them

Brains: Can zombies and humans ever live in peace together? (This one is for all the idealists on both sides of the zombie – human divide.)


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