6 Things You Should Know About Digital Cameras

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Six Things You Should Know About Digital Cameras

The way we create and preserve memories of birthdays, holidays and just about any experience has been changed by the introduction of digital cameras. You only get one chance to capture those special moments, and leaving a camera behind leads to much frustration. Many photographers become frustrated when the photos they take do not turn out as expected. This can be a costly exercise, in both money and your precious memories. Here are some things you need to know about buying your digital camera.

1. Resolution is not Everything

Many people look at buying the camera with the highest resolution possible. Purchasing a camera with a very high resolution does not mean you will get better photos. The major benefit of using a camera with a high resolution is that you will be able to crop photos or scale up your photos for large-format prints, but that is not everything. Amazing photos can be taken with a 5 megapixel digital compact camera. The bottom-line is that while high-resolution is great, it should not be the deciding factor for your purchase.



2. Zoom is Important

Getting the ultimate shot is important. Having lots of zoom will help you get that shot. While many digital compact cameras only have around 3x to 4x optical zoom, most of these compensate by making use of digital zoom. This can lower the quality to some extent. Many digital cameras do however have extended zoom with anything up to 18x zoom (although 12x zoom is great). For the ultimate control and quality while using a digital compact camera, look for a camera with extended optical zoom.



AA batteries for digital cameras3. Remember those Batteries

Batteries are very important. Memories are often lost due to a camera running out of power. Have a look at your camera¿s specifications or ask your seller a question about what kind of batteries are required. Stay away from cameras that come with custom-built power packs if you plan on going to remote locations where charging might be a problem. Having a camera that uses AA-size batteries makes swapping batteries easy and much less costly.



Digital SLR cameras are bulky4. Size Does Matter ¿ Digital Compact Cameras can go Where DSLRs often Can't

You may think it looks great to have a massive digital SLR with a big zoom, but if it becomes too cumbersome to carry its no use at all. Having a camera that can fit in your pocket, however, may be the solution for you. While many will acknowledge that a DSLR has the potential to produce better quality photos, the opportunity may be missed by the time they¿re ready to shoot and the costs involved in getting quality on par with digital compacts in many instances, are high. Spontaneous shots make some of the best pictures and a digital compact may be the solution for you.


5. Use Decent Photo Editing Software

You may think you need fancy software to complete your photography workflow. While there are benefits in using application suites made by Adobe, the majority of these features will not be utilised by most users. Rather, have a look at Picasa by Google, or if you have a Mac, iPhoto will provide many of the important features needed. With these applications you will be able to do the important tasks such as sharpening, correcting contrast, straightening and cropping your photos.



Create a photobook with your digitall pictures6. Use Your Photos

With digital photography comes thousands of pictures. In most cases, these end up on a computer or on a flash stick never to be seen again. Make sure this does not happen to you. Rather do at least one of the following:

  • Upload your photos to facebook or flickr and share your moments with your friends.
  • Use your latest photos as a screen saver on your computer
  • Go to your nearest decent photo shop and have your photos developed into a photo book!

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