How to Buy on bidorbuy for Beginners

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How to Buy on bidorbuy How to Buy
on How to Buy on bidorbuy
You can buy practically everything on bidorbuy, from brand-new products to second-hand items and hard to find collectibles.

When you buy on bidorbuy, you are buying directly from sellers registered on the site. That means that you are more likely to pay less for the same or similar item than you would normally pay anywhere else.

That also means that you are responsible for your transactions. Familiarise yourself with our tips on trading safely on our site.

Useful Guidelines
1. Find the Product
Read the item description carefully
Read the item description carefully
Check the shipping fees
Check the shipping fees
Ask the seller questions
Ask a question if anything is unclear
If it seems too good to be true, it probably is
If it seems too good to be true, it probably is
2. Check the Seller
Check the seller's ratings
Check the seller's ratings and feedback
See if the seller is verified
See if the seller is verified
Say NO to sellers who want to bypass the system
Say NO to sellers who try to bypass the system
Report suspicious behaviour
Write to community watch
if you notice suspicious behavior
3. Order and Pay
Transactions are legally binding
Bids and orders are legally binding
Familiarise yourself with Buyer Protection
Familiarise yourself with the Buyer Protection Programme
Transact directly with sellers
Transactions are with sellers directly
Rate the seller after you received your item
Rate the seller after you receive your item
Start Buying
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More Info
Learn more about buying on bidorbuy
More InfoSafety Tips
Terms and Conditions
Read and agree to the terms and conditions
When you register as a user on bidorbuy, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Be sure to read them.
Privacy policy
bidorbuy adheres to strict security practices. Your personal details and credit card or banking information are safe with us. See the bidorbuy Privacy Statement.

If you have feedback or need help, please contact or call us on 0861 88 0861

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