Choosing the Right Jewellery for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape

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Choosing the Right Jewellery for Your Skin Tone and Face Shape

Jewellery is a matter of personal taste and expression but some materials, designs and shapes will look better on you than others. The next time you go jewellery shopping, keep the following handy tips in mind to make sure you buy jewellery that flatters your facial structure and skin tone.

1. Facial structure: Depending on whether your face is round, oval, square or heart shaped, consider the following options before buying jewellery:

a. Round face: You¿ll look best in jewellery that offsets the roundness of your face. Long necklaces are best for your face, as are non-round earrings. Play with earrings of different cuts and shapes ¿ rectangular, square and cylindrical. Angular cut jewellery will also look great on you.

b. Oval face: Your face is incredibly versatile. You can pull off long and short necklaces with equal flair and also experiment with many earring styles. Hoops are particularly flattering for you, as are any dangling designs, but make sure you don¿t wear earrings that are too long.

c. Square face: Your face is characterised by straight lines and a strong jaw line. Go for longish teardrop and chandelier style earrings to soften your face and add excitement.

d. Heart shaped face: Your face is spread out at the forehead and narrow at the chin, so you need jewellery that will add roundness to the chin area. Short necklaces and chokers are your best options. Dangling triangular earrings and long cylindrical ones will complement your facial structure.

2. Skin tone: As far as jewellery is concerned, it really doesn¿t matter if you have dark or light skin. What matters is that your skin tone (warm/cool) must complement your jewellery and vice versa.

a. Cool skin tone: If you have bluish veins, pinkish or rosy undertones and you get sunburned very easily, you have a cool skin tone. Pearls, diamonds, silver and cubic zirconia (CZ) will look striking on you. Wear blue sapphires, amethysts, rubies and deep emeralds for a stunning effect.

b. Warm skin tone: If you have greenish veins, golden undertones and get tan (not burn) easily, you have a warm skin tone. You can count on gold and copper jewellery to make you look dazzling. Choose precious and semi-precious stones in yellow, brown, coral and turquoise. Trust olivine, topaz, jasper, and tourmaline jewellery to make you look ravishing.


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