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Feng Shui your Life


Basics of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is based on an ancient Chinese philosophy of balancing energy and aesthetics both of which, when channelled properly, are believed to bring you a positive life force, known as chi. According to Feng Shui, you can arrange items and organise space in a manner that facilitates the free flow of energy. Be it at home or work, Feng Shui can help you get rid of negative vibes, feel more confident, be healthy and help you attain success.


Using Feng Shui at Home

Get rid of clutter:
Cluttered spaces invite negative energy. Get rid of anything you don¿t need such as old clothes, shoes, furniture and appliances. Clear the space under your bed and organise all storage spaces.
Circulate air and light: Open windows during the day to let in ample fresh air and sunshine. Doing so prevents energy from stagnating within your house.
Place water strategically: Good energy looks for water to cling to and when it doesn¿t find water, it is circulated out of your house by the air. If possible, place a small water fountain in your house to attract beneficial energy.
Bedroom rules: Avoid keeping electronic gadgets or exercise equipment in your bedroom. Also make sure that there are no mirrors in your bedroom, especially opposite the bed. Avoid placing your bed under beams and make sure there is a solid wall behind the bed.
Decorating strategically: Placing happy pictures of your family and items like wind chimes, beads, scrolls, tassels, crystals, Buddhas, and Feng Shui animal figurines throughout your house can enhance the circulation of positive energy.
Use of colour: According to Feng Shui principles, each colour has specific properties. Orange is recommended for living rooms, blue/pink for bedrooms, white/yellow for kitchens, green for bathrooms, and brown for study areas.

Using Feng Shui at Work

Here are some Feng Shui tips specifically for work areas, at home, or office spaces:

Whether you have a large office or a small cubicle, sit as far as possible from the entrance, but not in line with it and never with your back towards it. Your ¿view¿ should not include stairs, toilets, lifts, or storage rooms. Place your computer in the north or west corner of your office or cubicle and place a small plant on the far left corner of your desk. If possible, use hues of blue and purple as thematic colours in your office. Avoid clutter, mirrors, and fluorescent lighting.

Of course, it may not always be possible to adhere strictly to all Feng Shui rules in your home or office, but even doing as much as you can should make a difference. Try it!



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