Most Popular TV Shows for Holiday Viewing - Part-1

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Most Popular TV Shows - Part 1
Desperate Housewives
Nothing is quite what it seems in the picture-perfect suburb of Wisteria Lane, Fairview. Susan, Lynette, Bree and Gabrielle are the housewives whose lives, secrets, love and, yes, crimes have attracted viewers worldwide, ever since the show hit TV screens in 2004.
Plenty of dark doings here for viewers who like chills and thrills. Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is an expert in bloodstain pattern analysis. When he¿s not working for the Miami Metro Police, Dexter is...uh...a serial killer. Only, he goes after other killers and not innocent folks.
Gossip Girl
Cecily von Ziegasar¿s book series provided the inspiration for this teenage drama series bearing the same name. ¿Gossip Girl¿ is an invisible blogger who draws you into the elite world of five young women from Upper East Side, Manhattan. Love, scheming and scandals galore.
The Vampire Diaries
What is it about vampires and bad boys that draws women? Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) falls in love with Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) who¿s a vampire, but a good guy. Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) is his older brother, a malevolent personality who also desires Elena.
America¿s love affair with Superman never ends. Ten seasons on, Smallville holds the record for the longest running series based on a comic-book. Smallville is the birth/place of Clark Kent, Superman¿s gawky alter ego. Each season of the show takes you through Clark¿s high school years.

How I Met Your Mother
Funny, warm and touching, CBS¿s sitcom How I Met Your Mother is set in 2030 with Ted Mosby (voiced by Bob Saget) narrating to his grown children a tale of how he met their mother. It¿s déjà vu time for fans of Friends, while watching Ted (Josh Radnor) and his five buddies. Great acting makes this worth a watch.
CSI Miami
Horatio Caine (David Caruso) is an ex-homicide detective who now heads Miami¿s crime lab team. His right-hand man, in this case a woman, is Megan Donner (Kim Delaney). While Megan relies wholeheartedly on scientific data, Horatio tends to go with gut feeling while solving crime puzzles.
Two and a Half Men
Charlie (Charlie Sheen) is a high-living, happy-go-lucky jingle writer whose life is turned upside down when his brother Alan (Jon Cryer) gets divorced and moves into his beach front home, along with teenage son Jake (Angus T. Jones). Plenty of chuckles in this top-ranked CBS comedy series that has seen seven good seasons.
  True Blood
Another vampire tale, this time from HBO. The very curvaceous Anna Paquin plays Sookie Stackhouse, the telepathic heroine, while her 173-year-old, hot vampire lover is Bill Compton (Steven Moyer). Lots of steamy love scenes (some nudity too) and violence could hook viewers who aren¿t otherwise into vampires.
 30 Rock
This 2006 comedy, written by Tina Fey, is partly based on her real life work experiences. 30 Rock is about the behind-the-scenes action that takes place during the making of a live comedy series being aired on NBC. Watch it for Alec Baldwin¿s impeccable comic timing.
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