Looking Back at 2010 Top Games for the Last Season - Xbox 360

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Looking Back at 2010 Top Games for the Last Season - Xbox 360
Microsoft has released the Xbox 360 4 GB and 250 GB models. Both versions have the option of the Kinect controller free experience.

HDMI Cable: Allows digital high-definition video and audio from the Xbox 360
Kinect Controller: The Kinect detects your movements and actions and translates them to your game experience. Not only did the Kinect enter the market as a competitor to the Wii Remote and PS Move, it opened up a whole new gaming experience. With the Kinect you do the jabbing, the swinging, the kicking and all else the in-game character needs to do to progress. You are the controller!

Must Have Games of 2010

Alan Wake
Fantastic combat combined with a creepy atmosphere and clever storyline. 


Halo Reach
Sensational multiplayer mode, seamless integration and excellent combat action.


Call of Duty – Black Ops
Exciting variety, with combat training to allow everyone to enjoy multiplayer action.

Red Dead Redemption
One of the most engaging action games. Set in the Wild West.

Dance Central
Designed for the Kinect controller, Dance Central allows everyone to dance to popular songs. This is a great game to play with friends and family.

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