Looking Back at 2010 Top Games for the Last Season - Nintendo Wii

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Looking Back at 2010 Top Games for the Last Season - Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii: The Wii has intuitive motion controls that involve the whole family. Available in a range of limited editions, including the red or black limited editions.

Nunchuks: The nunchuk connects to the Wii remote controller to add extra flexibility for selected games.
Wii Balance Board: The balance board senses your weight and balance and interprets your feet position and motions, to give an accurate control method.

Must Have Games of 2010

Kirbys Epic Yarn
A delightful, whimsical story with extensive levels and a world of variety.


Donkey Kong Country Returns

A traditional platform game, but with imaginative level designs and creative artistic touches.


Super Mario Galaxy 2
Mario explores strange new worlds and overcomes extra challenges in a stunningly visual platform game that features a catchy soundtrack. Super Mario Galaxy 2 is such a sensory overload of colour, sounds and bold gameplay bliss that by the end of it all one cannot help feeling a little manic. This is an essential game for any owner of a Wii console, but of course you already knew that.


GoldenEye 007
Lots of variety with a memorable mix of stealth and action sequences. Multiplayer option both on and offline.


Disney’s Epic Mickey
Imaginative visuals and a thoughtful story with welcome unpredictability unfortunately struggle against poor camera control and dull objectives.


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