SensoGlove. More Than Just a Better Grip for Golfing

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SensoGlove. More Than Just a Better Grip for Golfing

Estimates on the number of golfers worldwide range from 80 million to over 200 million. Golf, which dates back to the 15th century, can be one of the most exciting games but demands patience, dedication and perseverance to succeed.

One of the most difficult aspects of the game is to produce a smooth, accurate and powerful swing and the most common fault is for beginners to hold the club too firmly and with uneven pressure.

Many beginners hold the club too tight, perhaps fearful that it will slip from their hands as they swing. But the ideal grip, as described by arguably one of golf’s greatest players, Sam Snead, should be like “holding a baby bird.”

Holding the club too tight causes tenseness and stiffness, resulting in low power and inaccuracy, while a lighter grip produces a smooth and rhythmical swing,  and less stress on the golfer both physically and mentally.

Now golfers at all levels have the opportunity to actually monitor their grip on the golf club in order to achieve that perfect swing, with the SensoGlove.

As the name suggests, the SensoGlove uses 4 built-in digital sensors to enable the golfer to see exactly how much pressure is being applied to the club. The SensoGlove looks and feels like a normal golf glove, but has a small computer which simply plugs in to a socket on the glove to analyse the sensor information and provide an audible signal when the grip exceeds a selected level.

The grip can be set at 18 different levels, suitable for all aspects of playing the game, including driving, chipping and putting. Not only does the SensoGlove operate during the power swing, but it reads the pressures during the address, backswing and follow-through.

By taking the SensoGlove out to the practice range, the golf player can use the audible warning signal to determine the lightest grip consistent with a smooth, powerful swing. The ideal settings can then be stored in the small computer used by the SensoGlove.
The SensoGlove is just one of a range of golf gadgets designed to improve your game. You could also invest in a device to help you find the so-called “sweet spot” on your golf ball. The Check-Go Sweet Spot Finder measures the ball and determines where the ball should be hit to obtain the optimum results. Or perhaps a Golf Power Meter, which attaches to your golf club and tells you what your golf swing speed should be for best results.

Of course, if the thought of all these gadgets is too much, you could always stay at home and play Tiger Woods PGA Tour on your PS3, Wii or Xbox.

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