All That Glitters Is Swarovski

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All That Glitters Is Swarovski

Swarovski everywhere. The world can’t get enough of these sparkly wonders!

Daniel Swarovski (1862–1956) grew up in Bohemia (now in the Czech Republic), a region famed for the craft of glass-cutting. Daniel started off as an apprentice in his father’s glass-cutting factory, and went on to invent an electric-powered cutting tool for producing brilliant multi-faceted, crystal glass. He established his own factory in Watten, Austria, to capitalise on the region’s cheap, abundant hydro-electricity.

Later, Daniel’s three sons joined the enterprise. Their dedication to perfection and drive to upgrade and innovate paid off spectacularly. From 1913 to date, Swarovski’s reputation for producing high quality, flawless crystal has remained unblemished. That is the main reason why it dominates the industry.

Swarovski also invented retroflective glass for use in traffic lights and contributed to developing high-quality optical instruments for hunting and wildlife observation.

In the 1920s, Swarovski wooed haute couture houses like Chanel and Schiaparelli with the idea of embedding crystals in their designs. The response from clients was fantastic. Ever since, Swarovski has worked in tandem with fashion, creating items that lend an accent to current trends. In the 1950s, Daniel’s grandson, Manfred Swarovski, partnered with Christian Dior to create Aurora Borealis, a unique, rainbow hued jewellery line.

Hollywood was also seduced by the Swarovski glitter. Classics like Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, the Wizard of Oz, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and, in recent times, Sex and the City 2 have featured Swarovski crystals. The high fashion background of Sex and the City 2 was a perfect fit. Swarovski crystals glittered on the leading ladies’ handbags, Carrie Bradshaw’s chandelier and bling! On her wedding cake. Worldwide, 800 Swarovski boutiques featured tempting displays of accessories worn by the hugely popular Sex and the city 2 heroines. Crystal-encrusted bra straps, anyone?


In 2010, Swarovski donated 250,000 crystals to embellish ballet costumes and Natalie Portman’s gossamer gown and burnt copper crown in the Oscar winning film Black Swan.

The Crystal Silver Mouse, made of chandelier parts, was Swarovski’s first collectible. It became a bestselling souvenir at the 1976 Innsbruck Olympic Games. A vast range of collectibles followed, stylised animals, birds, key-rings, gift boxes and even
Disney characters.

Among Swarovski’s legendary objets d’art, the Crystal Myriad Collection comprises four animal figurines, beautifully handcrafted on demand using Swarovski’s patented Pointiage technique. Swarovski collectibles are sold with a certificate of authenticity.

Gift Swarovski
Swarovski products make valued gifts on Mother’s or Father’s Day, special birthdays, wedding anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. A mini-duck, vintage car, coloured heart pendants, cufflinks or binoculars, the range is limitless!

New releases
Besides partnering fashion houses, Swarovski offers its own seasonal, colour forecasts. Water is the theme for Spring/Summer 2011. Watch the Swarovski website for updates on new launches.

Ever since its first steps almost a century ago, the story of Swarovski crystal went from strength to strength due to, in part, clever advertising, but first and foremost due to never compromising on quality.

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