Never Say Never - Catch the Bieber Fever

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Never Say Never

Catch the Bieber Fever

Are you a Bielieber or a non-Belieber? If you haven¿t the faintest notion of what we¿re talking about, don¿t even mention it to anyone between the ages of ten and seventeen unless you want to invite plenty of eye-rolling scorn. To those who don¿t know coming the reference is related to the hero of the film/DVD under review, Canadian-born Justin Bieber, the golden boy of pop who¿s all of 16 years, has never had a music lesson in his life and learnt to play the piano, guitar, drums and trumpet before reaching puberty. Whew!



Since the film was made by Team Bieber, it is inevitably a paean to the angel-faced singing phenomenon; one section is solely concerned with his silky mop of hair that reduces adoring fangirls worldwide to jelly. There are fan interviews that may leave you moved or punching the fast forward button on your remote, depending on your point of view. But apart from these excesses, there is a whole lot of fascinating video footage from his childhood shot by his mother; you get to see Justin playing a jazz number on drums and wowing a large crowd with his singing at the age of eight. He¿s bright too, as you discover when he solves a Rubik¿s Cube with just a few flicks of wrist. In fact, it was his mom¿s enthusiasm for uploading Justin¿s videos on YouTube that led to his accidental discovery in 2007 by an American talent manager.


Intersecting Bieber¿s life story and the tributes to his wondrousness is 3D footage of his huge concert at Madison Square Garden. One moment in this part-documentary, part-concert movie that¿s genuinely touching is where Justin tells his manager not to wreck his childhood and turn him into a Michael Jackson. Wise words for a 16-year-old megastar.

Never Say Never has its share of predictable flaws. The film could have been 15 minutes shorter and a shade less contrived. Surprisingly though, there¿s plenty to engage the adult viewer and even entertain.

You may not succumb to Biebermania, but you¿ll certainly acknowledge the unquestionable talent that¿s propelled Justin Bieber to giddy heights. If there¿s a tween in the family, we¿ll say this with even more conviction, just get it!

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