What Art Supplies You Need to Start Painting

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What Art Supplies You Need to Start Painting

If you are an aspirant artist, you might have wondered what art supplies you¿d need to begin exploring the wonderful world of painting. Depending on the type of painting you have in mind, here is a list of basic supplies you will need as a novice painter.

Watercolour supplies:

Brushes: You need a ¿round brush¿ made of synthetic hair. Sable brushes are the best but they are rather expensive and wear out very fast. Synthetic brushes are cheaper in comparison and last long. You¿ll also need a flat wash brush and a mop brush.
Tube colours: Ultramarine Blue, Thalo Blue, Lemon Yellow, Carmine, Vermilion, Burnt Sienna, Ivory Black, and Chinese White are colours that you will almost always need. Look for the Colour Index Name on the product label to identify colours regardless of brand.
Watercolour surfaces: Watercolour paper can be of various types and weights. A slightly textured cold-pressed paper of about 300 GSM is best for beginners.
Watercolour accessories: Water containers for clean water and rinsing water, sponges, paper towels and rag cloths.


Acrylic painting supplies:

Brushes: You will need round, pointed round, flat, filbert, fan, angular flat, and a bright brush for the different techniques involved with acrylic painting.
Colours: Standard acrylic colours include Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow and Red, Ivory Black, Thalo Blue/Green, and Crimson. Mix and match these colours to come up with hundreds of shades.
Acrylic Paint surfaces: Buy primed canvases for maximum vibrancy. You could also use 638 GSM paper or wooden surfaces (coated in gesso) as painting surfaces for acrylic.
Accessories: Varnish, rag clothes, paper towel, water, soap, palette knife and brush cleaner.

Oil painting supplies:

Brushes: You¿ll need red sable flat, round and pointed round brushes as well as flat bristle brushes in different sizes.
Colours: Must have colours include Permanent Rose, Mars Black, Cadmium Green, Titanium White, Cadmium Yellow and French Ultramarine Blue.
Oil Paint surfaces: Cotton duck, artist¿s linen, flax, unbleached calico and prepared (primed and stretched) canvases are all popular surfaces for oil painting.
Accessories: Linseed oil, glass/wood/ceramic palette, turpentine oil, palette knife, citrus thinner, varnish gloss, matte and mineral spirits.


Finally,  always opt for reliable brands of art supplies. You might be saving some money in the short run with cheap materials, but good quality supplies will enhance your work in a way that inferior ones cannot. Winsor & Newton, Liquitex, Dynasty, Rowney, Arches, Loew Cornell, Williamsburg Oil Colors, Grumbacher, Silver Brush and Royal & Langnickel are names you can trust without question.

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