Investing in a Caravan or Motor Home

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Investing in a Caravan or Motor Home

As costs continue to rise, holidays are getting more and more expensive. A large part of your holiday costs can be eaten up by accommodation and transport. Here¿s a way you can cut down on both those major components, by investing in a caravan or motor home.

But before you rush out to your nearest dealer, let¿s look at some of the things you need to consider before parting with your cash for your home on wheels.


What¿s the difference?
Firstly, what¿s the difference between a caravan and motor home? Quite simple, the motor home is exactly what it says, a home with a motor. A caravan, on the other hand requires a separate vehicle to move it from place to place. A motor home is a union between a vehicle and a home, a caravan is a single purpose unit designed to provide comfortable accommodation.

Size matters
How much space will you need? The requirements for a couple or single person are very different from those for a family. You also need to consider the problems associated with driving a large motor home or towing a large caravan. When considering space for passengers, make sure that they can be seated legally, with proper seat belts as well as sleeping and eating facilities.

As with most things in life, the costs involved in buying and maintaining your caravan or motor home will play a large part in your decision. Don¿t blow your budget on a mobile home that exceeds your requirements. You¿ll regret it later.

Where to go
With over 700 camping sites and caravan parks spread throughout South Africa, your choice of destination is almost unlimited. Many parks are located in or around nature reserves or close to major tourist attractions.

You can plan to stay in one place, or choose to travel from park to park over your holiday. The choice is yours!

To sum up, a caravan or motor home offers considerable savings in accommodation costs compared with hotels or holiday rentals. And, for a moderate increase in transport costs, you can make the road trip to your holiday destination a part of the holiday itself.

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