Choosing the Right Pram for Your Baby

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Choosing the right pram for your baby

As a parent, you want the very best for your little one. When it comes to prams, your first impulse might be to go for the cute ones in snazzy colours. While that is fine, you also want to make sure that your baby is safe and comfortable in the pram you choose.

Feel free to choose from carriage prams, umbrella prams, jogging prams, lightweight prams and standard prams depending on your needs, but keep the following criteria in mind regardless of what type of pram you purchase.


Harness: Your safest bet would be to opt for a five-point harness that restrains your baby at the waist, crotch and shoulders.

Tyres: If you plan on jogging as you take your baby out for a stroll, buy a pram with aluminium wheels and preferably a locking swivel.

Handle: It helps to have an adjustable handle on the pram to fit your height and make the pram more convenient to use. Adjustable handles will also allow you to reverse the position of the pram so that you can face your baby towards you.

Size: It¿s a good idea to buy a pram that can accommodate a growing baby. The seating area should be roomy and should have a reclining seat, footrests should be adjustable and the pram should fit well in your car¿s storage area when folded.

Cover/protection: Protect your bundle of joy from the wind, dust, rain and sun by opting for a pram that has a canopy (partial/full). Pram covers are removable and usually designed in to offer protection while still letting you watch your baby.

Accessories: Choose cute and useful pram accessories like changing kits, baby head supports, organisers, seat liners, carry bags, adaptors, diaper bags, fans, shades, netting and universal handlebar consoles to maximise your baby¿s comfort.


Frame/weight: Aluminium and steel make for the sturdiest prams. The former is lightweight and a bit more expensive while the latter is cheaper but heavier and hence harder to push. Aluminium alloy and carbon fibre (very durable and lightweight) are great options if you're going to be travelling frequently with your baby or need to carry the pram up and down the stairs.

Cost: Last but not the least, prams can be rather expensive depending on their brand and features. Standard prams with the basic features will not cost you much but the latest all-in-one pram with multiple accessories and storage capabilities can set you back more than R5000.
Try to keep your lifestyle and space limitations in mind when you choose your baby¿s pram. Remember, your baby¿s safety should be the first criterion when deciding which pram to purchase.

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