The New Audi A6. Pure Class

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The New Audi A6. Pure Class

It seems the trend in South Africa these days is the purchase of small, hybrid, fuel economic vehicles, or larger SUVs. So what has the Audi A6 got to offer, to set it apart from its competitors?

The simple answer is class. Pure class.

Anyone considering buying a large, well engineered and comfortable family car cannot go wrong with the Audi A6. Simply from the looks alone, although some have criticised Audi for similarities across their model range, the A6 seems to take the best from the A8 and A4.
The proportions of the A6 strike a good balance between its larger and smaller brothers. It has a short overhang and sits lower and wider, giving it a sporty look despite the conservative styling.

But it’s not just the looks that make the A6 a classy alternative. With a range of options in the motor department, it’s easy to select the best for your purpose, whether it’s the top of the range 220 kW supercharged 3.0 litre V6 TSFI or the entry level 150 kW 3.0 litre diesel.

The A6 uses many components made from cast aluminium to reduce weight and increase fuel efficiency. In addition, boron and manganese enhanced steel is used in many panels to reduce weight.

The exterior certainly impresses, and the interior equipped with extras does too. The quality of the materials is top class, as are the design and ergonomics. However, it’s the combination of luxury and modern technology that makes the new A6 ooze class.
Among the innovations offered are a heads up display of crucial information projected onto the windscreen. The inbuilt satnav system combined with an onboard camera can “read” road signs and provide speed limit information. An on board radar system will provide a warning if you get too close to the car in front and should you tend to drift out of your lane on a long motorway trip, the A6 will remind you with a shake of the steering wheel.If you’re a business man that likes to work on the move, you’ll love the high speed data connection built in to the new A6. This innovation allows up to 8 devices, think laptops, iPhones and iPads, to connect to the Internet while on the move. Not only that, but the data connection allows Google Earth imagery to be displayed on the satnav system, giving you real time display of your surroundings.

With so many options and accessories on offer, the Audi A6 is certainly a class act. It remains to be seen if the success it has achieved in Europe, the USA and China can be repeated in South Africa.


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