Pretend Play and its Importance in Childrens Cognitive Development

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Pretend Play and its Importance in Children¿s Cognitive Development

Numerous scientific studies have established that pretend play during early childhood is important for developing your child¿s creativity, cognitive skills, fine/gross motor skills, self-esteem, speech, sensory skills and even social skills.

Understanding Pretend Play

Children, especially younger children, learn best by using their imagination. Pretending that a remote control is an airplane, or role-playing at being mom/dad, superhero, or doctor helps your child understand the world around them. An active imagination helps kids develop alternative perspectives, crucial for inculcating empathy and morals.

The Role of Pretend Play in Children's Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is probably the most important skill that pretend play builds. Cognitive competence will help your child throughout their life in solving problems and thinking critically. A recent study at Miami University confirms that high-quality imaginative play facilitates abstract thinking, language abilities and higher-level thinking skills.

Best Pretend Play Toys

When it comes to buying pretend play toys for your little one, you are spoilt for choice. They are available for babies as young as two years old, going all the way up to seven years. Here are our top picks.

Toy Construction Tool Set: Made by One Step Ahead, this six-piece toy construction kit (bucket, hand float, watering can, etc.) will keep your little builder busy for hours. For ages 1 and up.

Rub a Dub Tub Soup Bath Toy: With this unique 12-piece bath toy collection, bath time is bound to be fun and informative as your kid makes ¿tub soup¿ by mixing floating foam toy veggies. For ages 2 and up.
Deluxe Play Kitchen Dish Set: Also from One Step Ahead, this 87-piece toy kitchen collection includes dishes, pots, pans, cups, bowls and many more implements. This will keep your little one engaged in imaginative play for hours as they whip up delicacies for you to try! For ages 3 and up.
KidKraft Kids Play Grocery Store: Manufactured by KidKraft, this miniature supermarket makes for hours of non-stop pretend play. The toy comes complete with display shelves, magazine racks, storage space and scanners! For ages 3 and up.
Pretend & Play Doctor Set: Made by Learning Resources, this enormously popular toy medical kit will inspire, teach and entertain your child. This set comes with dozens of medical tools, a pager and even a doctor¿s nametag! For ages 3 and up.
Of course! These aren¿t your only options. Fishing sets, baking sets, restaurant sets, school sets, office sets, fruits and veggie vendor sets, ice cream sets, car sets, play camp sets, supermarket sets and dress up kits are all wonderful ways to encourage and nourish your child¿s imagination and cognitive skills.

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