Passionate About Nautical Antiques?

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Passionate About Nautical Antiques?

Antique collecting has become a very popular pastime. It is often seen as a hedge against a financial crisis. While many people specialise in works of art or furniture, one area that raises considerable passion is the collection of nautical antiques.

According to Webster¿s Dictionary, the term ¿nautical¿ is defined as relating to, or involving ships or shipping or navigation or seamen while antique refers to an object that is made in or typical of earlier times and valued for its age.

While larger items such as diving suits or complete whaling boats may be out of reach or impractical for the ¿average¿ collector, there are many who are passionate over smaller items that can be displayed in their homes. Among the most popular in this category are navigation instruments such as sextants, clocks, compasses and telescopes. Larger items such as ships¿ wheels or diving helmets are also popular with nautical collectors.

If you don¿t have room for a complete antique boat in your living room, then the next best thing is a model. But be warned, a true antique model ship can be very expensive, especially if it is the genuine article.

A good place to start your search for nautical antiques is through the Internet, particularly online auction sites. This method is a logical successor to the traditional auction or browsing antique shops and has the benefit that you can conduct your search from your own home. But whichever method you use, it is well worth getting a good guidebook to nautical antiques and memorabilia, such as Nautical Antiques & Collectables by Jon Baddeley. A book such as this will help you to check out the history and authenticity of an item in which you are interested.

 But don¿t be put off by apparent wear and tear marks on your potential purchase. Many nautical antiques were designed and made to survive harsh conditions and small dents; nicks or scratches only add to the historical and romantic value.

As your collection grows, you¿ll probably want to display it prominently.  Why not consider displaying your collection in a nautical themed room? Always popular with nautical collectors are antique maps and charts, which make attractive additions to your home décor when complemented with paintings or sketches of sailing ships or early steam ships.

Add in some flooring similar to ship¿s decking, ship style lighting and wall colours that enhance the deep lustre of the brass in your antique sextant or telescope and you can make believe you¿re sailing with Captain Cook or one of the other great navigators of the past.


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