How to Buy a Jet Ski

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How to Buy a Jet Ski

If you have ever been on a Jet Ski, you would know just how exciting and thrilling it can be. Perhaps you have hired one on holiday and you are now considering buying one for yourself?

It can be a confusing process. Let us help you find your way through the maze of considerations before you can take to the water on your newly acquired purchase.

With a wide variety of Jet Skis to choose from, narrow down your search by looking at the basics first:
A new, high-powered Jet Ski can be expensive, so work out your budget and stick to it. Make a list of the accessories available and then split this into essential and nice-to-have. This will help you compare models later on.

Remember, together with your Jet Ski purchase, you will need a trailer to transport it, so include the cost of this in your budget.

A used Jet Ski may be an option, but you would need to have it checked by a reliable mechanic first, as it probably will not come with a warranty.
 How will you use it?
Will it be just for you or the whole family? Will you use it on lakes or dams? Will you use it to tow wave boarders? How you intend to use it will give you an idea of the performance, acceleration and top speed, you would need and the carrying capacity.

You can buy Jet Skis suitable for solo riding, two seaters or three or even four seaters. There are Jet Skis designed for sports activities as well, so consider your usage requirements carefully before heading out to buy one.
Safety is obviously an important consideration, so think carefully about who will use the Jet Ski and their level of experience before buying. You would be wise to consider a lower performance Jet Ski if your children or less experienced adults will be riding it. You can always upgrade later as you gain experience, but a high-powered Jet Ski in inexperienced hands can be dangerous.
Once you’ve determined your basic requirements, start researching what’s available within your specifications. Have a look on the Internet, visit Jet Ski dealers or talk to friends. Many Jet Ski clubs have online forums that are useful if you require advice.

When you’ve made your choice, you may be able to negotiate a good deal if you pay cash. Perhaps you can get a nice-to-have accessory thrown in with a bit of bargaining? Something else to consider before you seal the deal, you’ll need to have somewhere secure to store your Jet Ski. And don’t forget to talk to your insurance company before you buy, to get the ball rolling.

Above all, have fun with your new Jet Ski!


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