Your Buying Guide for Sports Memorabilia

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Your Buying Guide for Sports Memorabilia

A fascinating genre for collectors is sports memorabilia, normally defined as anything that can be connected with a sports event, game or personality. This wide-ranging definition can include sports photos, equipment, uniforms, logos or collectors cards.

Many people look to sports memorabilia collecting as a hedge against inflation, a particularly rare item could potentially be worth millions, while others collect simply for the pleasure involved and a chance to perhaps relive a magical moment from their past.

From simple beginnings at the start of the 20th century, when fans in the USA began collecting baseballs and autographs from their heroes, collecting sports memorabilia has grown into a multi-million dollar affair, with special occasion baseballs or signed sporting wear fetching over a million dollars each at auction.

As with any type of collecting, sports memorabilia collectors need to educate themselves about the items in which they are particularly interested, to avoid being sold a dud. Serious collectors will do their research on potential purchases by asking friends, researching online, reading descriptions thoroughly and checking the market prices before spending their hard-earned money.

To avoid disappointment if you intend to purchase a rare item, it is best to deal with a reputable company that will guarantee the authenticity of your purchase. Many companies nowadays will offer a lifetime, money back guarantee of authenticity for your peace of mind. Remember, even certificates of authenticity can be forged!

With such a wide range of items available, many people are often confused as to where to start their sports memorabilia collection. The best advice is to start modestly and stick to items that you can afford. This way you can build your expertise and knowledge and give yourself a chance to decide where your specific interest lies.

Popular items among collectors of sports memorabilia include baseball cards, a good introduction to the hobby, sports apparel, particularly if the item has been worn or used by a famous player and die cast figures of sporting personalities. Match programmes from sporting events such as the Olympics, soccer, rugby, cricket or tennis matches are also good value as collectable items, particularly if signed by one or more of the athletes  or players.

Whatever your favourite sport, whether you¿re a player or spectator, you¿re sure to find something of interest and value associated with it. Happy collecting!

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