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What Your Handwriting Says about Your Personality

Graphology, the technical name for handwriting analysis, is used primarily by forensic scientists. With some basic tips, you too can understand what your handwriting reveals about your personality.

According to graphologists, handwriting offers proven insights into personality. Your handwriting size, word spacing, slant and pressure and other characteristics, when studied in totality, can accurately reflect various personality traits.

People with large handwriting are typically extroverts with a deep-seated need for love and affection. They have the ability to skim over unhappy events and move ahead.

Small handwriting points to excellent concentration abilities. Scientists and thinkers who need to focus intensely on their work tend to have small handwriting. Famous examples are, Albert Einstein and Sir Isaac Newton.  Many introverts also tend to write small.

Writing with minimal space between words is typical of people who deeply desire social interaction. Large spaces indicate difficulty in socializing, while average spacing means the person¿s social needs fall somewhere in between.

Spacing between paragraphs that is hard to distinguish, indicates an individual¿s confused thinking. The other extreme, a large space, indicates a meticulous, perceptive individual. And of course, there are the many who represent an average between these two handwriting characteristics.

Handwriting with spiky, pointed strokes indicates negative traits like aggression.

Graphologists use unlined paper to analyze handwriting line levels. A person who writes in perfectly straight lines is systematic but also emotionally rigid. A generally straight line is a positive sign of good self-control and proficiency at work. An upward sloping baseline indicates enthusiasm, determination and a positive outlook. A downward sloping baseline implies a moody or depressed nature and lethargy.

If your handwriting slants to the right, it means you are extremely caring and compassionate. Left slanted handwriting could be a sign of impaired self-expression which is perceived by others as indifference. Vertical handwriting typically belongs to people who go by logic rather than feelings and generally balance the two.

Astonishingly, handwriting analysis may act as a pointer to health problems. A person with well-formed, attractive handwriting who experiences tremors and deterioration in her handwriting may be on the verge of developing a disease called Essential Tremors. Handwriting with varying pressure, going from light to dark and back, may indicate hypertension; letters that slant in opposite directions within a word or sentence could be a symptom of schizophrenia. It¿s worth bearing in mind though, that handwriting analysis is not a substitute for regular medical examination and diagnosis!

Handwriting as a tool to analyze human psychological processes is often dismissed as a pseudo-science, much like astrology. But don¿t let that stop you from finding out more about it, and having fun in the process!

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