Functional Uses for Old Things

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Try these Great Ideas

There's something so incredibly creative and satisfying about taking an existing item and repurposing it. Added bonus: it saves you money and lets you play around with everyday items. Here are a few ideas for old items lying around the house that you can find new uses for.
Vanity Tray

Take an old photo frame, remove the picture and replace it with an appropriately sized sheet of scrapbook paper or any colourful fabric. You now have a cute tray for your dressing table.

Give that old Twister mat a twist by using it as a fun tablecloth for kids¿ parties when things need to be protected and the décor needs to be colourful.
Corn Cleaner

Want to make sure that your corn is completely free of husk and those pesky silk threads? Use a clean toothbrush in firm motions to scrape your corn.
Condiment Kit

Take an old drink carrier (six pack carrier of beer/ale for example) and stash your condiments (ketchup, relish, mustard) in it.
Drink Markers

At your next party, use removable (colourful) decals to distinguish one guest¿s drink from another. Simply peel off the decals after the party.
Jazz Up Your Lampshades

Using a strong adhesive, stick colourful and/or glittery ribbons along the upper and lower seams of an old lampshade.
Cleaning Supply Holder

Running out of space in the sink cabinet and don¿t know where to stash that bottle of bleach? Simply use a tension rod inside the cabinet and hang all your cleaning supplies on it by the spray dispensing trigger.
Pancake Batter Dispenser

Make breakfast less messy by pouring pancake batter into a clean ketchup bottle. This lets you dispense as much as you need accurately without dripping batter.
Shoe Storage

If you have an empty wine bottle carton around the house, wrap it with some wrapping paper and then store shoes inside each compartment.
 Changing the Water in Your flower vase

Need to change the water in a vase but don¿t want to mess up the gorgeous floral arrangement? Use a turkey baster to suck the dirty water out and refill clean water from the tap.
Snack Containers

Use plastic Easter eggs as little snack containers for your kids¿ school lunches. You¿ll save money and also help the environment!
Repurposing old products is a creative, practical and environmentally responsible practice. Don¿t stop at these ideas; look at things lying around your house and think of ways in which you can breathe new life into them. 

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