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Here's a Look at What Makes a Metal Precious

Why are precious metals precious? What makes them so rare and valuable? Read on to know more about the five most precious metals on earth.

950 Platinum: Platinum is one of the rarest (about 30 times rarer than gold) and most precious metals known to exist on the planet. 950 Platinum is the highest grade platinum available and is gorgeous when used as a setting for jewellery. This metal is a blend of 95% platinum alloyed with 5% tungsten, copper, cobalt, or rhodium. 950 Platinum has a silvery white finish that does not tarnish over time and is extremely durable.
950 Palladium: 950 Palladium is 95% palladium and usually 5% ruthenium. It is about 10% harder than platinum but roughly 30% ¿ 40% lighter. As a result, it allows for jewellery to be lightweight yet sturdy. Like 950 Platinum, 950 Palladium also has a silvery glistening finish that does not tarnish with use. Palladium is also the very last precious metal discovered on Earth that is appropriate for use in jewellery!
18ct White Gold: 18ct white gold is 75% pure yellow gold (the remaining 25% is made of white metal alloys) and hence very precious. White gold does not occur naturally; it is a man-made metal. It is made by combining yellow gold with white metals like palladium to achieve that ¿white¿ look. However, this whiteness almost always has a tinge of yellow (due to the yellow gold component). To remove this, white gold jewellery is plated with rhodium which also imparts lustre.
18ct Yellow Gold: 18ct yellow gold is comprised of 75% pure yellow gold alloyed with 25% silver, copper, or cobalt. 18ct yellow gold is the most popular medium for fine jewellery and does not tarnish or cause skin reactions. It enhances the appearance of precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds and has been used for thousands of years as a symbol of love, purity and status.
18ct Rose Gold: Rose (or pink) gold has become extremely popular in the last few years, but dates back to the early 19th century. Like white gold, rose gold is also a man-made metal and that lovely pink glow is attained by combining 75% yellow gold with copper and silver. Rose gold watches are very popular these days, as are rose gold earrings and bracelets.
All of the metals listed above are not only precious but also ¿noble¿ metals. This means that they are not susceptible to oxidation and corrosion and take decades to show any signs of wear and tear when maintained properly. These metals add to the beauty and elegance of any precious and semi-precious stone and are excellent choices for bridal jewellery as well.


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