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Our Top Ten Picks

Welcome to the Marvel universe and its amazing superheroes! Check out our top ten super hero movies:


Green Lantern

The elite corps of intergalactic guardians faces a new enemy, Parallax, who threatens to overthrow earth¿s balance of power. This time, the planet¿s fate is in the hands of  Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds), Green Lanterns first human to have ever been recruited by this superhero team.

Captain America: The First Avenger

The First Avenger is set in the World War II era. focusing on the early days of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) a man deemed unfit for the military but volunteers for an experiment that transforms him into Captain America. Steve teams up with, Bucky Barnes and Peggy Carter to foil the evil Red Skull¿s plans for world domination.

Iron Man 1 and 2

Double bonanza in Blu-ray/DVD for Robert Downey Jr. fans!  Downey plays Tony Stark, billionaire businessman, philanthropist by day and ace crime fighter by night.


Thor, the arrogant and reckless warrior alien is banished to Earth to live with humans. The planet is threatened by evil forces from his own realm; will Thor rise to the occasion? 

The Amazing Spider-Man

This 2012 film is a reboot of the Spider-Man series. Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) stumbles across his vanished father¿s research files. The trail leads him to the laboratory of Dr. Curt Connors, his father¿s ex-partner, where he is bitten by a spider...

The Avengers

The planet is about to be destroyed by dark forces and only the combined might of a superhero team can save it from destruction. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, Marvel Comics¿ most iconic heroes, come together in a great action/adventure film.

The Dark Knight Rises

The last of Christopher Nolan¿s Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises features the coolest superhero of all returning from self-exile to battle a ruthless terrorist who¿s out to take over Gotham City.

X-Men: First Class

For fans of the four-film X-Men franchise, here¿s the prequel to the origin of the X-Men team. A tight script and the cast¿s sharp performances make this a good watch.

Fantastic Four

A space mission gone awry exposes four astronauts to a gamma ray overdose, leading to each team member acquiring extraordinary abilities. Pooling their fantastic talents, the foursome become crime fighters.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

This prequel to the fabulously successful X-Men series focuses on the violent history of the mutant, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and his sibling Victor (Live Schreiber). Watch it for some great special effects.

 So there you have it, our top ten super hero movies from Marvel, and the perfect way to perk up dull weekends!

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