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 Meet the Artists from the Art Directly From The Artist Category

 Mike Taljaard

South African Artist Mike TaljaardMy name is Mike Taljaard. I am a well known artist from Cape Town, South Africa. I started painting in the year 1990 and I am a full time artist. I paint in all mediums, however, I specialize in oil paintings and chalk pastels.
My paintings vary from landscapes through to still life and on to modern art. I have abandoned the tendency of copying pictures to demonstrate how well I can copy. Instead, whenever I get an idea, I make a quick pencil sketch of it and then I allow my imagination to take over.
I also work rather quickly in comparison to some other artists, and I finish most of my paintings within an hour of starting them. My personal best thus far is painting 10 paintings on a particular day and a further 21 paintings completed over a period of 3 days.
I hold most of my exhibits at my gallery and also over the internet. Most of my art I sell on bidorbuy and the starting price over 3 weeks of bidding is usually at R1.00. In more recent times I have started offering items at a fixed price. I have never painted so many paintings as I did in 2010, the year after I signed up with bidorbuy. To date, I have had more than 1800 successful transactions on bidorbuy.
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  Mary Papas

Mary PapasAt a very young age I began to take an interest in art and started sketching people, animals and the scenery around me.
At age 14, I enrolled for my first artistic course in sketching and line drawing at the ‘ABC’ Art School of Paris. At the time I was living in Greece, and the 'ABC' Art School had a branch in Athens.

Later, when I was able to dedicate more of my time to art, I attended painting classes for four years developing and learning different styles and techniques with leading art teachers. After that I spent another three years undertaking abstract studies and learning to think and express these thoughts and ideas in an abstract fashion. I also studied the old impressionist movement, before moving on to more modern works of art later in my career.

When I begin a painting I always have a concept in mind, which is often inspired by the world around me. By growing up in four different countries which boast diverse religions, cultures and practices I have been lead down a path that has prepared me for a spiritual journey. A journey which I can only express through my paintings.
My preferred method of painting is with a palette knife. I like the clarity of the undiluted buttery texture of the paint and the sharp contrast of the different hues. I enjoy sculpting different shapes with the paint on two dimensional surfaces in order to give the surface more texture and depth.

Tania Riccardi

Tania Riccardi

Tania Riccardi qualified as a Fashion Designer. She worked, as Head Designer, for the popular South African TV series 'EGOLI - Place of Gold' where she made wardrobes for a variety of characters. Tania then joined Marc & Michael Fashion Designers for a period of time. She then went on to run her own design studio and focussed her efforts on private clientele. Tania has also made clothes for various characters on the 'Generations' TV series.

From an early age, Tania enjoyed sketching figures and was attracted to the fashion and art industries.  She managed an art gallery for 2 years and also worked as an art agent. During this time she had the opportunity to meet many interesting and different artists, on studio visits, and learned about many different artistic styles and techniques. In 2006, she travelled to India, with her husband and spent 3 years exploring her spirituality.

She currently lives in the South African countryside, in Hartbeespoort with her husband and 3 year old daughter. Tania has a big love for life and a passion that is portrayed through her sketches.



 Stella Pelser

South African Artist Stella Pelser
"I believe that art is ever changing and evolving and thus, makes creating artworks exciting!"
Stella started to paint professionally in 1994 and since she has sold hundreds of different artworks and commissions to local collectors and collectors abroad. Her style differs from impressionistic to realistic works, in mediums from charcoal to oil paint. Stella paints a variety of different subjects ranging from landscapes to detailed portrait studies and African Wildlife art.
Stella grew up in the North of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Her first drawings were inspired by Nature and the impala's and elephants of the African wilderness. From these early humble drawings Stella's artworks have progressed to studies in portraiture and more involved, complex artworks.
"Art is part of my everyday life, and in everything I see and experiences. Layered like my paintings!"
She moved to the Western Cape in 2007. Her Boland landscapes were soon born out of the stunningly beautiful surroundings of the Western Cape.
"The colours can make any artists grab a brush"
Stella's passion for art compels her to progress constantly and always strive to learn more. With this in mind Stella feels that bidorbuy offers a wonderful platform for any artist, due to the possibilities to create and sell art to a large market in a short amount of time with excellent feedback from buyers. This affords a buyer a great opportunity to obtain artworks directly from "up and coming artists" from South Africa as well as abroad at fantastic prices. A direct investment in artworks directly from the artist!

 Mario Pelser

South African Artist Mario Pelser
"I believe, to send light into the darkness of a man's heart - such is my duty and while life may beat down and crush the soul, art reminds you that you are a living soul"
Mario Pelser was born in South Africa in 1970 in a town called Pietersburg, now known as Polokwane. Mario was born into a family, of which is mother was always doing something artistic, and inspired him with her work. As for his father teaching him to do almost all things with his hands, Mario embarked on his career in 1994 and uses his raw talent to express his love for nature and art.
He grew up and lived most of his young life on a farm where one could always find him in the bush. Nature itself was the biggest inspiration for him. Mario is also inspired by his love for Africa and it's animals, as can be seen in his wildlife art.
Interestingly, Mario has also developed a love for contemporary abstract art , after moving to Somerset West, 7 years ago. He is now back in Polokwane and found a new revival for his passion namely, wildlife art. Mario sometimes depicts the animals or subjects and their surroundings as realistically as possible whilst still enticing the viewer to use his or her imagination.
Mario's talent for creating beautiful shapes and styles can be clearly seen in his latest creations. For example, with his abstract paintings Mario tends to let the work evolve by itself.
Most of Mario's works are being sent all over the world, for example, Marios' works can be found in the United States, Spain, Cyprus, Austria, Germany and Austrailia to name but a few.
Seen as a true investment in art, Mario's work is fast becoming internationally sought after. Everyone buying one of his paintings can also know that they have not only bought a piece of art, they have also made an investment.
As Mario always tells his art students - "The greater the artist, the greater the doubt. Perfect confidence is granted to the less talented as a consolation prize" - a famous quote by Robert Hughes.

Louis Pretorius

South African Artist Louis Pretorius
Louis Pretorius was born in Middelburg in the Karoo and grew up in Cape Town, South Africa. He became a teacher in 1966 and began making his art in 1971. Louis studied art through UNISA.
For more than 30 years he has had many exhibitions in South Africa in towns such as: Pietersburg. King William’s Town, Hartenbos, Mosselbaai and Melkbosstrand, where he has lived with his wife Emmie since 1990.
Louis has always found soul-food in being creative - especially in painting. This inspiration and budding love for the arts was strengthened when he took some time to tour Europe and the Greek Islands. Spending time in the museums and art galleries abroad contributed to this ambition. He loves painting landscapes and is concerned with Man's abuse of Our World and so endeavours to capture the beauty of nature in his paintings, and to bring that beauty to other people's attention. "Art is the best way to escape without leaving home" is one of Louis life-mottos.
Louis insight and passion for art is evident in his unique artworks which bring warmth, depth and beauty into a room.




Gerald Dressel

South African Artist Gerard DresselBorn on the 6th of September 1951, I was always a creative person. Having gained experience in various crafts, I found painting to be the most emotionally stimulating. At the age of 25, I picked up a brush for the first time and experimented with various styles and forms of artwork.
My most recent inspiration would be the filmed biography of artist Jackson Pollock, entitled Pollock, which opened my mind and artistic expression to the fascinating world of action art. I then began to take this abstract art form in a unique direction of my own.
By definition; action art is a dynamic and impulsive form of painting done by applying paint with energetic, gestured movements with no preconception of  what the the end result should entail.
I find inspiration in my everyday emotional state, creating many different designs based upon my mood at that exact moment. What informs my work the most is to draw from the canvas of nature. Natural phenomenon such as coral reefs, the aurora borealis and astrophotography are all excellent sources.
My message to the world is simply that joy can be found in the freedom of one's expression, and to share these works so that any person (young or old) can discover their own interpretation of them. The greatest aspect of these works is that the individually held perceptions of each individual, will allow them to see a picture of their own making within a painting, giving it profound meaning to them.
All my paintings have a coat of matt varnish to accentuate the color spectrum, as well as protecting the paint from light, scratches and scuff marks.
Concerning Commissions:
Due to the nature of my artwork, I cannot recreate the same painting. However, I am willing to accept commissions, but on the basis of the same color scheme.
I truly hope you enjoy viewing my artworks, and should you choose to purchase one, may it bring you years of enjoyment and happiness.

Cherie Dirksen

Art has always been a big part of my life.
I was born and grew up in Cape Town. After returning home in 2005 from a 3 year UK excursion, my husband and I have resettled ourselves in a beautiful part of the Mother City, close to Simons Town.
From an early age I attended art lessons and took art throughout my schooling. I was lucky enough to have art offered to me, not only as a first subject but as a second subject at school, at the Frank Joubert Art Centre in Newlands. Here I was able to explore another aspect of art - sculpture and ceramics.
I like to capture the brighter side of life and paint what I am moved by or resonate with, which is usually beauty, nature, vibrancy and colourful abstract expression.
I have many creative outlets, music and writing being on the list, and my first book, titled 'Divine You - Redefining Love in the New Earth', has been accepted for publication and was released late in the year 2011.
I also have a meditation/instrumental CD, 'Nature Calling...', that was released in 2009 now available to purchase on bidorbuy.

 Mada Hauptfliesch

South African Artist Mada Hauptfliesch
Mada Hauptfleisch is a largely self-taught artist who works mainly in pencil, acrylics, watercolors as well as mixed media art. She started drawing & painting in 1986 and is a part-time artist.
She was born in Johannesburg in 1970 and grew up in various parts of South Africa, from the old Eastern Transvaal to the Karoo. After matriculating in 1988, she studied a BA BCur at Stellenbosch University, finished her Public Relations and Business Diploma at Birnam Business College in 1993 and received her MCPD and MCTS Certifications in 2010.
As an artist, Mada has created various art pieces and also writes music if she finds the time, but creating art is her main passion and hobby. She mainly creates art for pleasure and for personal enjoyment.
She and her husband, Daniel, and two kids live in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Ras Steyn

South African Artist Ras Steyn
Ras Steyn describes himself as an Artist & collector of curiosa. Born in 1978, Ras went on to complete a Master's Degree in Art & Technology in the field of Posthuman Identity and Metaphysical Art.
It is the human condition that fascinates and drives Ras to be a divergent mind and image maker. Moreover, it is the obliteration of normative aesthetics through random somatic errors that inspire my generally anamorphic bodies and surreal objects. Ras has a zealous belief in the inseparability of psychological disorders and 'corporeal' or bodily transgression is constantly and quite lucidly exposed in the visual works that Ras produces.
Ras finds it distressing that some viewers of his art can only see twisted and malevolent monsters stirring in the work. What he wants viewers to perceive are sublime accidental anatomies that hint at alternative avenues in the endless search for 'Absolute Beauty'. Ras only recently shifted his attention to the less 'immediately recognisable'. He is now in awe of the reductive and abstract nature of common psychological ailments and other transient conditions that are difficult to frame in words. Still, the abstract pieces that Ras invokes are entirely devoid of any identifiable subject. Ras also states that complete formlessness is not is main perogative. His abstract works are expressive 'mindscapes' that allow the viewer to act as a fourth dimension; extracting subjective meanings and private clues from his work. It is Ras' desire to capture the universal mood of particular disorders that resonates with a collective understanding of it. As an indirect result of this aim, many of Ras' prints have become unclear as subliminal forms and polychrome scintillations are neatly suspended between terrifying dystopian dreams and exquisite nightmares. I think it is almost impossible to avoid the uncanny terrain of vivid dreams when producing art that is concurrently attractive and repulsive.
Over the last few years Ras' obsession with Posthumanism and its emphasis on identity multiplication has steadily developed into an ever-expanding concern for identity loss or theft, self-loathing, psychological fracturing, isolation and most importantly - emptiness. Ras states that it became his duty to caoture that which is ephemeral and on the brink of surrendering to omnipotent 'nothingness'. Ras claims that as an artist, he tends to live a more realistic life inside his own head, while the empirical world that surrounds him seems somewhat vague and questionable. Moreover, Ras has always been fascinated by the deliberate absence of highly probably subject matter from allegedly contentious and abject or macabre dream-based imagery.


Doreen Fourie

South African Artist Doreen Fourie
Doreen Fourie is a South African artist who has resided in Melkbosstrand with her husband Martin for the past 34 years.
Doreen had a childhood dream of someday becoming an artist and once she had retired, she began to attend art classes with Marè Bruwer, a well known South African artist and lecturer who is well known for her commitment to assisting new artist in becoming established in the arts community.
Doreen takes much pleasure in observing as a clean canvas is transformed and metamorphosises into a beautiful completed painting. Doreen's love of nature also features prominently in her works.
Doreen has had the privilege of travelling to Europe. During her time abroad she photographed the beautiful landscapes and scenery. These photographs have provided inspiration for years to come and hints of European influence can be seen in some of her works.
Doreen has occasionally taken part in group exhibitions, in which her work which is mainly in acrylics is displayed.
Doreen also hopes that her paintings will bring joy to wherever they may be displayed.

 Eric Eatwell

Eric Eatwell

 Eric Oswald Eatwell was born on 7 May 1974 and was raised in Johannesburg. The eldest brother in a family of three children.

Eric is one of those true 'finds' of raw natural talent sent to torment and frustrate teachers and professors at formal art teaching institutions. The elliptical peg will never fit the round or square hole try as they might to corrupt the style.

Having said that, it is amazing that Eric spent so long at school - National College of Arts - (Johannesburg Art College) where he studied for his National Senior Certificate, and Natal Technikon where he studied for three years.

It is unusual that whilst learning from the teachers Eric allowed no imprinting of their constrictive styles and he remained his romantic and passionate self. After Art School he traveled widely - always observing people and the way they do things. Not the urban people so much as the more open rural folk as they go about their daily lives.

Eric paints very quickly in a "painterly post impressionist" style using big bold impasto strokes of the brush and knife. He is one of the few artists who can draw with his brush. He is never frightened to accept what speed and passion have left on his canvas or an overall impression rather than dwell on the possible distortion of size and context.

Eric concentrates mainly on everyday themes involving people doing everyday chores and taking pleasure where they will. He regards himself as an outsider documenting the way things happen in rural South Africa.

Eric has been painting professionally since 1995 and has held exhibitions all over South Africa. His works have also found a ready market with many visitors to South Africa. His works now hang in diverse countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, U.S.A, U.K, Guam, Sweden and Holland. Now South Africans are discovering the energy and beauty of Eric's work.

Eric has devoted much of his time to serving the Molento community, working with the Better World Foundation. Eric has the following to say about his work and inspiration "I am fascinated by the rural towns, the means of transport, the way the inhabitants live and more simply the way they are. My passion is to be a true mirror of my surroundings and make the forgotten unforgettable..."



Malcolm Turner

Malcolm was born in England and came to South Africa when he was 11 years old. He is an accomplished artist in portraiture, landscapes, still life and seascapes. He has traveled extensively throughout the world where he has developed an excellent eye for great scenes and portraits. He has been painting for over 20 years. He has an international clientele and has received commissions from people in Australia, the UK, Scandinavia and The United States of America.
He studied with Anne Lindsell Stewart and Denzel Herring, and has done workshops with Dale Elliot and Louis Audie. He has also attended life classes in Loveland, Colorado in America with a student of Richard Schmid.
Malcolm has had exhibitions at the Hyde Park Gallery, DK Gallery and Modgaji House. He is also an approved member at the South African Artists Association.
Malcolm and his wife Jessica moved to Hermanus near Cape Town in 2007 where his work was sold at the Old Harbor gallery, Walker Bay gallery and the Leon Muller gallery, all of which are held in high regard in the South African Art Community. His work was also exhibited at an exhibition held during the annual Whale Festival in Hermanus.
In 2009 he moved to Somerset West in the Cape where he successfully ran art classes for several students over a period of one year. He is currently displaying and selling his work at Oude Libertas in Stellenbosch. Malcolm also has a private art dealer that promotes his work and who has sold several of his paintings and who has also organized several exhibitions of Malcolm's work during the course of 2011.

Bridgette Allan

As a child , Bridgette spent a number of years in Paris, France. Her parents used the opportunity to visit famous art galleries, museums and sites of great architectural and historical value. Bridgette was fascinated by the achievements and creations of the masters of yesteryear.
Much of her fantasy life as a child and teenager revolved around living a Bohemian lifestyle and spending her days in Parisian street cafes , painting amongst the artists in Montmartre.
Bridgette studied art as a high school subject but, being of a high-spirited and non-conforming nature, felt stifled by the highly structured class regime and became frustrated at being unable to freely express herself on the canvas.
It was therefore not art that Bridgette initially pursued as a career. Although painting remained a part of her life, it was not until 1998 that she began painting professionally.
Bridgette's paintings are diverse. She loves deep colour and often uses vast tonal contrasts in her work, changing between the brush and palette knife to create paintings full of movement and energy; whether they be floral arrangements or landscapes. Nude studies have become Bridgette's trademark. Monochrome work was initially unusual for Bridgette and her first nude studies were nothing more than experimentation with a different style. Demand for the works have resulted in Bridgette's nude works becoming her top sellers.
Bridgette currently lives in The Valley of a Thousand Hills KZN South Africa where she paints from her home studio and consults as a Colour Therapist.
Bridgette has been exhibited country wide in South Africa. Her works have been bought by art lovers worldwide and she is represented by galleries across the country as well as internationally.
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Amy Conti

Amy has lived in London, Tuscany and Malta, and now resides in South Africa with her Italian husband, Michael, and their son, Maximillian.
Amy has worked in the film and television industries and she has always enjoyed the freedom that painting and novel writing affords her. She is currently working on a new body of work, a series in gold, entitled “The Allure of Elegance”.
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Patty Mynhardt

South African Artist Patty MynhardtPatty is a primarily self-taught artist who has been painting since 1980. In 2009 she worked at Nick's Art Gallery & Teaching Studio in Umtentweni on the Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast where she also gave the local children painting lessons. Patty has a firmly engrained passion for art, and for painting in particular.
Patty has now settled in Kini Bay in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and is totally devoted to painting daily.
Patty often paints with oils, however, her true passion lies with acrylics. Patty joined bidorbuy about two years ago and has successfully managed to sell each painting that she has listed. 
Selling her paintings directly to the public via the bidorbuy platform has been a huge encouragement for Patty as she enjoys contact with the public and interaction with her customers. Patty paints a number of different scenes, with her favourite works being landscapes.

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 Joy Clark

South African Artist Joy ClarkeBorn in Namibia in 1958 she has always loved all forms of art and quilting. She dabbled with paint for some time but then put her paints aside when she began working with pottery. Joy devoted 20 years of her life to owning and operating her own Ceramic Studio in Zululand, which proved to be very successful.
After moving to Kini Bay, near Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape she was so inspired by the beautiful sea view that she once again took up painting.
Joy joined bidorbuy as a seller 3 years ago and has been thoroughly pleased with the response she has received. She gets a great satisfaction and excitement from selling paintings and from the constant contact and feedback she receives from buyers. It is the feedback from happy buyers which drives her to keep on painting!
Joy loves painting in oils, but due to the versatility and quick-drying nature of acrylic she makes use of it too. Joy enjoys experimenting with Impasto Technique using a Palette Knife when using acrylic paints. When using oils, Joy takes a much more realistic approach. She mostly enjoys painting flowers and still life but also dabbles in seascapes and landscapes as well a portraits.



 Anthony Walton

South African Artist Anthony WaltonAnthony Walton began his career as a self-taught portrait artist in 1975 in Fishhoek in the Western Cape of South Africa. He now resides in Somerset West in the Western Cape. Over the years he has met many landscape artists that have enthused him greatly, namely Errol Boyley, Titto Faciotti, Alan Wolton and Dino Paravano.
His first exclusive exhibition was held at the Cape Gallery in 1983. Since then he has participated in many group exhibitions all over South Africa.
Anthony’s signature works and most popular accomplishments are without a doubt his charcoal sketches and portrait paintings in pastels, oils and acrylics of individuals and group portraits of families from all walks of life. He undertakes many commissions and has a wide range of portraits that he has done over the years. If you would like to have any works commissioned please use the "Ask the Seller a question" feature.
Anthony's landscapes, seascapes and places of interest in oils, acrylics and pastels are depicted in a vivid way which beautifully captures the mood and environment of the surroundings he selects for his next work of art.
His greatest inspiration comes from painting outdoors and from life. As he expressed himself, “When I paint outdoors my spirit becomes one with my Creator. I see, feel and smell natures throbbing heart, which is then translated directly through me onto the canvas”.
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Natali Downing

Natali Downing is a full time artist who has during her tertiary studies completed numerous artworks and commissions. Her artistic passion all started with first prize in grade 1 where she drew a tortoise for the Pretoria Zoo Art Competition. Since then she has been intrigued by art to the point of obsession.
Although she completed an LLB through UNISA, she opted for a career change and knew that she had to follow her creative talent and true passion. Natali still dreams of completing a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Fine Arts. She is inspired by textures in nature, bright colours and contrasts of shadows and light.
She is constantly painting and exploring new ideas and new media so as to improve her technique and compositions, therefore her artworks are said by many to be improving at a dramatic pace.
Currently, Natali is experimenting with artworks inspired by the fragility of nature. She encases her canvases in PolyFilla or grout, primes them and then sets out to illustrate their fragility with generously diluted oil paints.
The crispness of the white background as well as the delicate texture and detail is what she hopes viewers will find intriguing in her most recent creations. Natali's motto is "Any creation that you look at and it makes you feel delighted inside, is Art"

Aletta Knox

South African Artist Aletta KnoxAletta Knox has a been passionate about art for many years. She is a predominantly self-taught artist who has learnt her skills mainly through trial and error.
Aletta is happily married to her husband Keith, and the two of them are very active in maintaining and running the farm where they live. In her spare moments Aletta loves to paint and express her self with the brush.
A few years ago Aletta was afforded the opportunity of receiving art lessons from the South African artist Nick Stobart who lived in Ramsgate on the Kwa-Zulu Natal South Coast. She enjoyed her art lessons a great deal from Nick, before, unfortunately for us artists, he moved back to Zimbabwe.
Aletta feels that selling on bidorbuy has been a huge encouragement to her as well as providing her with an opening through which she can sell her artworks and generate a name and reputation for herself.
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Wallace Hulley

South African Artist Wallace HulleyWallace is one of South Africa's premier artists who has been painting for over 45 years and is mostly self-taught. He was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal, a province of South Africa and home of the Zulu tribe.
Wallace was interested in painting from an early age, but worked as a printer before devoting his life to being a full time painter. His empathy for the African people, gained in working closely with them is reflected in his appealing studies of Xhosa tribesmen - Former President Mandela's tribe.
The Sunday Times (South Africa) said "It is startling to find that Wallace Hulley, an artist who concentrated on thick palette-knife application in oil landscapes and figure studies some years ago, should have turned so easily and naturally to working with the more tenuous medium of watercolor."
He is renowned for his strong horses, donkeys, flowers, wildlife and portraiture. The latter reflects remarkable color control and depth, imparting to the painting a new sense of dimension and feeling. He has also illustrated a book entitled “This is Botswana”.
He paints with clean, uncluttered watercolors which flow with ease from his brush. His portraiture was highly commended by the senior lecturer of the Chelsea School of Art in London. Collectors world-wide have his paintings.
He now lives in Somerset West where he runs a gallery from his studio in the beautiful Helderberg basin and gives ongoing art lessons to various students. Wallace is also available to do demo’s and workshops.

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Hester Correia

South African Artist Hester CorreiaI was born 58 years ago in Johannesburg. The only daughter of five children. All of us are blessed with wonderful music and art talent. The music talent came from my Dad’s side and the artistic side came from my Mom’s family, although she had lots of musical talent; her niece is Mimi Coertze and that speaks for itself.
My interest in art started from an early age. Because of my adverse conditions I could not do it on a regular basis. I started 17 years ago when I was alone for 10 years. I started living my dream. I painted part time for several game lodges and my work slowly became well known. At that stage of my artistic career I only painted animals and wildlife.

 I moved from Gauteng to Cape Town six years ago. For the past six years I have been fortunate enough to be able to paint on a full time basis. My work is all over the country and in lots of overseas countries. I do a lot of commission work for people in Florida in the U.S.A, and currently I am painting a variety of work and busy with a “Woman” series.

I specialize in Baroque art (a new art form that I studied in America). I am also giving classes in this art form. I am doing art work in acrylics, oil, mixed medium and love to use different textures. For the past four years I had lots of exhibitions all over the country with great success.
I am exhibiting at a few galleries but want more exposure for my art work in the other provinces. Except for the baroque art classes I have never had any formal art training. I have a natural talent and study as many art books as possible to further my artistic growth.
My motto: He who cannot see beauty in people and their surroundings has a crooked soul.

Hilton Edwards

South African Artist Hilton EdwardsHilton’s unique style of art is distinctively modern and abstract.
He is a self-taught artist and employs a variety of mediums including cements, natural dyes, acrylics and burlap (hessian cloth), exploring the earthly elements of colour and substance. His layered applications of different mediums onto textured surfaces explores space and the illusions it creates. By use of play on texture, colour and finishes, he expresses & portrays his art onto canvas.
Hilton has established and owned art galleries over the past decade. As an art consultant, he has curated numerous solo and group exhibitions both locally and abroad. At present he is concentrating on his own career as a fulltime professional artist.
Besides his passion for art, Hilton’s other interests are African culture and Vedic philosophy. He recently resided in a small fishing village on the Arabian Coast of Goa, India. Here he opened an art studio under swaying coconut palms and the cool ocean breeze.
Hilton’s artwork is in private and corporate collection locally and abroad. His artworks are represented by selected art dealers and galleries throughout South Africa.



Lorraine Edythe McKeand

South African Artist Lorraine Edythe McKeand

Lorraine began her artistic career in later years, she was 40 years old when she stopped tennis and started her first art lessons with Shirley Shutler.
A few years later she enrolled at Unisa for an Art degree. Here she dealt with Contemporary art and personal concepts.
"I loved to work with colours, and abstractions as well as works that were referred to as 'Symbolism'," she says.
After obtaining her degree at the end of 1995. She then taught first year students who were interested in these artistic concepts. She interacted with the public during these years and also attended painting holidays with international artist, George Bots. She also attended courses held at San Lamer for about 8 years for 1 week a year.
After 6 or 7 years she stopped teaching and became a student of botanical art.
With works exhibited at Kirstenbosch Biennale in 2006, 2008 and 2010, and a smaller exhibition titled “Grasslands Project”, this has been a great success with some of these works being sold. Lorraine is now a member of the Miniature Art Society; she has been a chairperson and a committee member of various art societies in the past.

Hyla Coetzee

South African Artist Hyla Coetzee
Hyla Coetzee is a self-taught artist whose primary goal is to portray beauty in her works, not only in people but also in still life, landscapes and flowers. According to Hyla the human face is one of the most fascinating objects to base artwork upon due to the subtle differences combining to create a unique image.
Hyla's work is predominantly decorative and she does not adhere to a specific artistic style as such. The styles she uses is largely determined by the final result she wants to achieve. Colour is also one of the most important elements of Hyla's work.
Hyla enjoys using mixed media and does not restrict herself to inhibiting artistic rules. Although Hyla uses a number of different mediums, her preference lies with acrylics. Hyla thoroughly enjoys painting, and one of her personal goals is to bring enjoyment and enrichment to all those who see her paintings.



Gianna Milani

South African Artist Gianna Milani

Gianna Milani grew up in Stellenbosch, surrounded by stunning mountains and vineyards that the area is famous for. Currently she lives in Strand, which is not far from Cape Town, where her studio faces out towards the sea; an indulgence for the eyes at any time of day. 
Gianna's work is colourful and she enjoys capturing light in her paintings, and often is seen to contrast light areas with shadows. She is surrounded by beautiful people, mountains, vineyards and the ocean. The colours, shades, textures and forms which she is immersed in are often an inspiration for her work.
A painter by profession, Gianna works mainly in oils and acrylic. She makes good use of bright colours in her paintings, especially in the contemporary township scenes. This is, however, also balanced by her other work in more earthy colours. Her artworks have been purchased by numerous overseas buyers including buyers from France, the Netherlands as well as Australia to name but a few.
Gianna also creates works on commission through her bidorbuy account. If a piece of her work speaks to you but you would prefer the artwork painted in different dimension, or painted in a similar style but with different undertones, please feel free to contact her via question-and-answer section of her listings.



Jaap Erasmus

South African Artist Jaap ErasmusArt has been a hobby of mine for ages, and it eventually turned into my occupation. I have studied art books, and practiced hard so that I could reach this stage. I draw mainly in pencil. For some of my drawings, I add a little touch of pastel for a softer feeling, but only on those drawings which I feel need it. I take inspiration for my work mainly from photographs and pictures.
My drawings have been described as very realistic. I consider Rembrandt to be my idol. Very seldom do I paint, but if I do, I only paint in Acrylics.
I will gladly draw your picture for you, as you order it, and I also offer free shipping on a lot of my work.

Yvonne Carola-Pearce

South African Artist Yvonne Carola-Pearce
Yvonne Carola-Pearce was born in the Netherlands and came to South Africa as a little girl. In South Africa she completed her education and completed her National Technical Certificate in Technical Drawing.
Ever since Yvonne can remember she has had a love for nature and animals, and that has had a great influence on becoming a Wildlife Artist. Yvonne has been painting professionally for around 15 years and works in Oil, Acrylic and Pastels. Yvonne has done a vast amount of commissions and exhibitions worldwide.  Her paintings are hanging all over the world, Europe, USA, the East, Australia just to mention a few. She has paintings hanging in corporate institutions in Poland, Canada and Europe. She was commissioned to do a calendar for the New Millennium. More than 20 of her paintings are reproduced into cross stitch patterns.
Yvonne is a dedicated conservationist and contributes towards conservation projects through donations of paintings, she feels indebted to the beautiful animals she paints for inspiration.
Yvonne lived in the Johannesburg area and frequently paid visits to surrounding the game parks. She believes that only through the lengthy process of observing from life that she can understand her subjects well enough to paint them convincingly.   She approaches her art with modesty and apparent ease, resulting in her exquisitely detailed paintings of the animal kingdom and the endangered species.
Yvonne is at present residing in George, on the beautiful Garden Route of the Cape, where has a studio/gallery.
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