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Flat, Curved, Concave... Choose the Right One for Your Finger

One of the first things you will need to decide in the exciting run up to your wedding is the kind of rings you want for yourself and your significant other. Here¿s a handy guide for you as you go ring shopping.

Basic Wedding Ring Profiles

First things first: rings have two surfaces, an outside (external) surface that everyone can see when you wear the ring and an inside (internal) surface that touches your skin when you wear the ring. With that in mind, the following are some of the most popular wedding ring profiles and style.

D-shaped profile: These rings have a rounded external surface, but lie flat on the finger (internal surface). The cross section of the ring resembles the letter D and hence the name.
Flat profile:Flat wedding rings look very sleek because they have a flat surface both on the outside and inside. These rings have relatively sharper edges.
Court profile:Also known as comfort fit rings, these rings have rounded (but not perfectly round) surfaces, both internally and externally. This is an extremely popular profile due to the fact that these rings do not dig into the skin.
Flat court profile:Flat court rings are rounded on the inside (for superior comfort) but flat on the outside. This gives a sleek look and is also popular for ladies who want the wedding ring profile to match the engagement ring profile.
Flat-sided court profile:Flat-sided court rings are rounded on both sides for comfort, but the sides themselves are a little flatter (less curved). If you like the court shape profile but want something less domed, this profile is for you.
Double comfort profile:These rings resemble the flat profile, only without the sharp edges. This means that they are extremely comfortable to wear while also giving the wearer a smoother feel.
Halo profile:Halo profile rings are eternal classics. These rings have perfectly rounded surfaces internally and externally, giving them a perfectly round cross sectional profile.
Concave profile:A relatively new style, these rings are flat on the inside but have a concave curve on the outside, giving them a very interesting look.


What Does a Wedding Ring Symbolise?

Wedding rings symbolise eternity, something with no beginning or end, and never-ending love. It is commonly believed that the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the left hand because that finger has a vein (Vena Amoris) that travels directly to the heart. Alas, as romantic as it sounds, scientists have actually proven this theory to be false.

Consider the above information and take your time when you go ring shopping. Experiment with different styles, and choose carefully.

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