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Make Valentine's Day Unforgettable

Valentine's Day is around the corner and you know what that means! It's time to make that special someone feel pampered and cherished so they have an amazing Valentine's Day. Here are some fun, unusual ideas to help you make this Valentine¿s Day super-memorable.

Do Something for the First Time

Ever been kayaking, windsurfing, diving or snorkelling? Taken a helicopter tour? If not, this Valentine¿s Day might be the perfect time to indulge in some of these activities with your loved one. You¿ll enjoy the adventure, the excitement, and bond with each other like never before!

Stay at Home

Stay home on Valentine¿s Day? Why not? Beat the crazy restaurant crowd and stay indoors with your loved one. Light some candles, have romantic music playing in the background, open some wine, and cook up a storm in the kitchen. We promise you, it doesn¿t get cosier than this! 

Make Your Gifts Thoughtful

Your gift to your special someone doesn¿t necessarily need to be pricey, but it does need to be thoughtful and well-planned. Think of things and experiences that your beloved has a soft spot for and go from there.


Arranging a candlelit dinner on the beach, making a mix tape of all his/her favourite numbers, or personalised gifts, all are wonderful ways to show you care. You just need to figure out what they would love!


If you really want to make it an evening to remember forever, you could propose on Valentine¿s Day, if you¿ve been thinking about getting married. A proposal should be extra special and memorable so make sure you have it planned perfectly. A romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant, having the ring hidden in a glass of champagne (or dessert or a fortune cookie), skywriting, playing a message on the radio, or even popping the question while watching a sunset are all great ways to propose to your sweetheart on Valentine¿s Day.

Do Something Good for Others

Valentine¿s Day is all about love so why not spread some of it among people who aren¿t as privileged. Volunteer at your local animal shelter, help kids learn at a youth center, prepare or serve food at a community kitchen. Not only will you have served your community by taking it forward, you¿d also share a beautiful and gratifying experience with your special one.

Valentine¿s Day is all about making that special someone feel loved and appreciated. While this is something that should be done every day, you need to dial it up a notch on the most romantic day of the year.

What you do on Valentine¿s Day doesn¿t need to be expensive; it needs to be unique and thoughtful.


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