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The much-awaited Microsoft Xbox One is finally here and gamers across the world are raving about it. Find out why...

Microsoft Xbox One Specs

The Xbox One has a 500GB hard, 8GB RAM, and an 8-core x86 processor. It supports downloadable and optical disc game formats, and comes with a wireless controller, and camera/optical motion controls. Other key specs include audio/video playback and online features such as voice and video chat. This multiplayer video game console also comes with a proprietary charging cable, Wi-Fi, and networking features like Friends List and Game Achievements.



What We Love about the Xbox One


  • The completely reengineered Kinect is the best thing about the Xbox One. The new Kinect is more intuitive and responsive than it has ever been and you will be blown away by its motion, vision and voice technology. The new active IR camera can see in the dark, Real Motion technology can track the tiniest of gestures, and multi-mic array lets the Kinect isolate your voice even in a room full of people.

  • The Xbox One wireless controller is completely revamped. It now comes with Impulse Triggers which give you fingertip vibration feedback and make for immersive gameplay. The controller is also more comfortable to use and the new D-pad responds to directional and sweeping movements.

  • The Xbox One comes with option of overlaying live TV content using your good old set top box.

  • Multitasking is a breeze on the Xbox One with its split-screen app feature.

  • We love the ability to not only play games on the Xbox One but also watch movies on it in beautiful HD with a Blu-ray player.

  • There is no need to switch inputs when you want to go from playing a game to watching TV shows.

  • The 1080 pixel camera gives you amazing HD video when Skyping with friends and family on the Xbox One.

  • Based on the game/app the Xbox One can be controlled using your remote control, gestures and voice commands, the wireless controller or the Xbox One SmartGlass.

  • It¿s fun to tell the Xbox One to ¿turn off¿ to put it on standby mode. Saying ¿Xbox On¿ will wake up the device, you¿ll sometimes want to do this just for fun.
The only thing we dislike about the Xbox One is its visual appeal (or lack thereof). It is a simple black rectangle that doesn¿t look stylish or cool and it undermines what is actually a powerful machine capable of running beautiful games. If you let this minor issue slide, the Xbox One is pretty much your all-in-one entertainment unit that will stun you with its audio and video quality.

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