2014 Ombre Hairstyle Trends

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By now you already know that ombre' is huge as far as clothes go. But now, this trend is making its way to hairstyles as well! Yes, that¿s right, ombre' hair! Read on for more on this fun and feminine hairstyle trend...

 What Is Ombré?

Ombré is a colour pattern where shades of colour have a gradient going from dark to light or light to dark. Ombré is all about shades, and in fact, it means ¿shadow¿ in French. As far as hair goes, ombré refers to colouring your hair lighter towards the roots and increasingly darker as you move towards the tip. Or, you could start with darker shades near the roots and opt for lighter shades toward the tip, which is the more popular look. Ombré hair looks visually striking and adds a sun kissed look to your hair.

What Ombré Shades Will Look Good on Me?

As with any hair colour, this depends on your skin tone. If you have extremely pale/light skin, you look best in shades of blonde or cooler shades of brown. If you have a pinkish complexion, go for light browns. For medium (honey-toned) skin, shades of copper look beautiful. Lastly, dark/deep skin tones go well with dark browns and dark reds look great!

Best Ombré Colour Combinations

Depending on your skin tone, consider the following ombré hair colour combinations¿.

  • Dark chocolate brown on top with reddish/copper gradient at the bottom.
  • Natural brown/honey on top with caramel gradient at the bottom.
  • Chestnut brown on top with darker blonde gradient at the bottom.
  • Copper tones on top with platinum blonde gradient at the bottom.
  • Jet black on top and blonde gradient at the bottom.

The key to having the perfect ombré hairstyle is to have soft transitions between shades, as if the colours are blending into each other.

Consult a Colourist

Unlike full-head colouring, ombré hair colour is almost impossible to execute on your own. Always consult with a hair colourist to find your perfect ombré hair colour combination and have your hair coloured professionally. It¿s worth the extra splurge!

Ombré Hair Colour Care

Ombré hair colour is a little more high maintenance than regular full-head colour or highlighted hair. You might need touch-ups every few weeks if you want your hair looking luxuriously beautiful for a long time. Make sure to buy a good quality shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for colour-treated hair. Oil your hair (argan, macadamia, coconut etc.) regularly, use cool-temp water to wash your hair, and cover your hair if you go swimming.

Flirty and feminine, the ombré hairstyle is going to be trendy this year and next. So, what¿s your shade going to be?

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