The Top 5 Unisex Tech Gifts

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For those of you who have a techie as a partner, it's often difficult to find a gift that will bring a smile of appreciation. Socks, ties or chocolates don't have the same appeal for these people!

So let's have a look at 5 of the top tech gifts you can get for your loved one.

Trakdot Luggage tracker

Concerned about lost luggage, worry no more! The Trakdot luggage tracker works anywhere there is a mobile cellular network, constantly updating itself with its location. It is intelligent enough to recognise when you are flying and goes to sleep, but on your arrival the Trakdot will send you an email or text message to tell you where it is.

If your luggage has ever gone to Rome while you land at Paris, you'll appreciate the peace of mind from the Trakdot luggage tracker.

Urbanears Slussen Adapter

The Slussen is the ultimate party app for your iOS smart phone, giving you a DJ deck in your hand with an equaliser, scratch functions, cue feature and cross faders.

Now the Urbanears Slussen Adapter allows you to connect your sound system and headphones directly with your iPhone or iPod to make your party really swing.


Brookstone Grill Alert Talking Remote Meat Thermometer

Is your better half into barbecuing? Then why not invest in a talking remote meat thermometer? This must-have device allows you to simply select the meat type and the cooking temperature, insert the wireless stainless steel probe into your choice cut and then walk away.

When your meat is almost done to perfection, the device will tell you, and follow up with another message when cooking is complete.

GPS Homing Key Ring

Ever found yourself lost in a strange city? The solution is the GPS homing key ring. Simply push a button on the device when you leave your car or hotel and wander where you will.

When you want to return, the GPS key ring will point your way back with a clearly visible arrow in the backlit display, together with compass degrees and distance to your start point in yards, miles, metres or kilometres.

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard

Tired of trying to type onto your mobile device through an on-screen keyboard? Wish you had a full size keyboard to use?

The Celluon laser projection keyboard gives you a fixed keyboard projected on to any flat and opaque surface by means of a 100% safe laser. Connection is via Bluetooth so there's no need for device drivers and the Magic Cube will work with any Bluetooth enabled device.

Any of these devices are sure to make your gift memorable, maybe you should buy one for yourself as well!

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