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Say It with an Image

Photo Sharing AppsThe field of photo sharing applications is a crowded one. There are thousands of them out there, and new ones seem to be springing up practically every day.

In this (far from exhaustive) overview, we focused on some of the most talked-about photo apps that are: a) dedicated to sharing pictures from a mobile phone; b) free of charge; and c) available on both iOS and Android.

Instagram is the best known of the social photo apps, especially with all the publicity it got when Facebook bought it for about 1 billion US Dollars in April 2012. Instagram has a plethora of editing capabilities. Plus, it is easy to use.

Path. Unlike Instagram, which allows one to follow and be followed by thousands of people, Path asks users to choose a limited number (150, at the last count) of closest friends and family members with whom to share photos and videos in a “private social network”.

Familiar app is also designed for the purpose of sharing photos with family and loved ones. Users can either snap a photo or import existing images from Facebook, Picasa, and SmugMug.

Photobucket lets users upload pictures to the site or download pictures from it, as well as share them on Twitter and Facebook. A separate app, called Snapbucket, was released at a later date for editing and adding filters and frames to the photos.

Shutterfly. Use this mobile app to upload photos to the site and edit and share them while on the go. Users can also order prints and customised photo gifts for friends and family members.

Don’t be surprised if an app mentioned here can’t be found anywhere by the time you decide to download it. Although all were well and alive the last time we checked, photo sharing apps can have a short life span.

Photo Sharing AppsOver the Moon with OverPhoto Sharing Apps


Those who tried it absolutely loved it.

To be fair, Over is not the only app out there that allows users to add text to images. However, this one was declared World’s Best Start-Up at the U-Start conference held in Milan in May 2014.

Those were reasons enough to break our own rules and include Over in this overview, even though this photo app is not free, and even though it is currently available only for iOS.

Oh, and did we mention that Over is “made in South Africa”? So, if you feel like you have something to say on your photo, download it in iTunes. Currently (July 2014), it costs only 1.99 US Dollars (about R21).

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