The KOR-FX Gaming Vest. An Experience Like No Other

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Kinetic, Omnidirectional Response: Taking Gaming to the Next Level

The KOR-FX gaming vest delivers an immersive new gaming experience. Inventor Shahriar Afshar used his understanding of neuroscience to draw on the power of the brain to project a new reality outside of our immediate one. The KOR-FX uses 4DFX technology, converting the audio from the game into environmental and situational feedback in sync with the game. In short, the KOR-FX gaming vest takes an important leap into the world of virtual reality through addressing the kinaesthetic aspect thereof. The final product is an environmental realism, the likes of which we have never seen before.

It¿s Not a New Concept

While the concept of the haptic gaming vest is by no means a new one, the KOR-FX is undoubtedly the most successful and realistic version to date.

The predecessors relied on either spinning motors to create vibrations, as in the Rumble Pack, whilst others employed air pockets as a means to poke and prod the user. The KOR-FX¿s acousto-haptic technology uses audio and special transducers to create precise and direct haptic output.

User Feedback

At the 2014 E3 gaming convention, the KOR-FX gaming vest was given the opportunity to prove itself to some of the more discerning competitive gamers. Among the best games to use the vest with were first person shooter games such as; Counter-Strike: Source, Call of Duty and Arma 3. The haptic feedback produced by the vest allowed the users to experience important aspects of the game such as; enemy vehicles approaching, the direction of incoming bullets, weapon recoil and even your own footsteps with what has been described as bone-rattling intensity.

The Specs

Undoubtedly the most important technical spec is the fact that the vest is compatible with almost anything that produces sound and has an audio output (3.5mm audio jack). Pcs, Macs, game consoles, tablets can all be experienced in 4D now.

Next in the list is customisation of the vest. The vest does already have several pre-programmed modes for the user to toggle between. The user can also fine-tune the haptic filters and power settings themselves to tailor the vest to the intensity of the environmental feedback and the depth of field they require or to suit the game.

The vest has been described as one size fits most, it comes complete with a wireless dongle which can be either USB or powered by 4 AA batteries. The vest itself also requires 4 AA batteries.

With the developer pack coming out soon, you can expect more and more games to be designed with the KOR-FX gaming vest user in mind. The multi-platform technology is ripe for exploitation, so keep an eye out for it!

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