Common Diseases to Watch out for in Puppies

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There are a plethora of common puppy diseases that you need to be aware of. As cute as they are; owning a puppy is a very big responsibility. The trick to keeping them healthy and strong starts with adopting puppies responsibly. Many of the common puppy diseases stem from breeders, pet shops or shelters, which are less than scrupulous with regards to the hygiene of their facilities and the health of their animals.

As with children, puppies’ immune systems are not yet strong enough to fight off every infection which may come their way. Rabies and parvo or parvovirus are both common puppy diseases which can be deadly, but there are other common puppy diseases to watch out for too.

Prevention Is Key

Establish a rapport with an expert or reputable vet early on. They will be able to provide advice over the particular ailments which may plague your particular breed of pup, as well as what to expect when they first come home. If you know what’s normal and what to watch out for, you can potentially save your puppy from an unpleasant illness.

Common puppy diseases to watch out for
Vaccinating Your PuppyVaccinating Your Puppy

The first step after adopting a puppy is to take it to the vet. Make sure your new family member is given all the right puppy vaccinations along with a physical examination to ensure that it is in good health from the start.

Vaccines are the best prevention against diseases which your puppy could contract. The most important vaccinations are for rabies, parvovirus, canine distemper and hepatitis.

Other vaccinations would be for conditions such as lyme disease, kennel cough or leptospirosis. These will be administered based on your vet’s recommendation.

Your vet will also advise you as and when your puppy needs boosters and their annual vaccinations.

If you’ve listened to your vet’s advice and established that something is wrong with your puppy, the best thing to do is get him or her to the vet as soon as possible.

Puppies Are Prone To:

Gastrointestinal problems; severe vomiting or diarrhoea must be taken seriously.
Pneumonia, which is also life threatening.
Parasites, both internal and external can be very unpleasant, so it’s best to ensure that you protect them against ticks, fleas and worms at all times.

Your puppy could have a minor ailment or a more serious disease such as rabies or parvo, but they all have serious symptoms which must not be ignored.

Spaying and Neutering

After vaccinations, spaying and neutering is the most important thing you can do for your new loved one. With so many stray and homeless dogs, preventing this population from growing and more animals from suffering is a primary concern for any animal lover. The best solution is to spay and neuter our own pets.

They are clumsy and at times just downright daft, but that’s why we love them! Now that you are familiar with the most common puppy diseases, your most important job is to make sure you give your puppy lots of love and attention.

*Disclaimer: It’s important to mention that while there is a big demand for the buying and selling of pets online, bidorbuy prefer not to be party to this practice, simply because we cannot ensure the fair and responsible treatment of all of the animals involved.

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