Windows 10: A Pre-review

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Before anyone gets too excited, it¿s not the actual full Windows 10 that was released. What is available to us is the WTP, or Windows Technical Preview. Essentially it¿s a beta version of Windows 10 and it¿s going to be the most tested beta Windows ever by the time it is released. While this promises an incredible change to the Windows ethos as a whole, we will only truly know if Windows has taken the opinions of its users into account towards the middle of next year, when the new Windows 10 is released officially.

What to Expect

So far, the most notable thing to come from the Windows 10 technical preview is that all of the features will only be incorporated into the official Windows 10 release. Right now the tech preview is centred around the core issues such as finding the balance between touchscreen and desktop usability. So if it was changes to Explorer, paint and notepad you were waiting for, you¿ll have to keep waiting.

The Start Menu

For now it seems that Microsoft have made leaps in understanding its Windows users. After all the controversy over Windows 8, users felt unheard and even abandoned - their staple start menu was viciously removed for no apparent reason. Thankfully Windows programmers caved and gave users back their beloved start menu. What¿s more is that it¿s back with improvements; it can be resized and it is customisable. It is so important to the overall feel of the new Windows, enhancing its efficiency by adhering to certain familiar features.

Multiple Desktops

One of the best new features is the multiple desktops. Using the old Alt-Tab shortcut you now have the ability to hide or shuffle between windows and work stations. This conveniently prevents you from having to sift through loads of open tabs.


Snapping windows into place is another great tool to increase productivity, when combined with the multiple desktops; you are given new options for rearranging your windows.

The Verdict

Microsoft appears to have drawn from the best features of both

Windows 7

and Windows 8, subtly upgraded the aesthetics and listened to the loudest criticisms. That said, they have placed so much emphasis on the fact that there is a lot that still needs to be done, so we can be forgiving of the fact that there are still a bunch of bugs and glitches. What more is in store, we will only know in 2015.

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