TV: Are There Too Many Good TV Shows?

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Hannibal TV SeriesIt may be hard to believe, however, it¿s highly likely that 2014 was the best year in new TV shows yet. The rise of series (which seem to be overtaking the popularity of movies very quickly) is a testament to the fact that we; as a society, want more. More screen time, more back story, more complicated plots, more convincing characters and more quality entertainment. As a result, we have been inundated with offerings from the best directors, writers and producers. Now it¿s hard to choose what TV shows to watch because time is a luxury not to be squandered on mindless drivel.

True Detective

At the top of the list is True Detective. It is undoubtedly the most magnificent production of the year, or maybe of the last few years. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are detectives in a story based to real events. The script has been painstakingly and lovingly crafted in a way that leaves you speechless and the performances ground-breaking. Watch this series before any other.


The producers of this series would have you believe that Fargo (as with the 1996 movie of the same name) is based on real events, but, just like the movie, none of it is true. This new TV show is a well-thought-out series of unlikely events which play out in small town Minnesota. The characters are for the most part believable and a few of them are even endearing. Again, not to be confused with the 1996 movie, Fargo the TV show does draw some parallels and even direct references to the movie, however the stories are unrelated.


2014 Saw the second season of this haunting thriller series. With origins as the prequel to Red Dragon, the show moves on to become the retelling of the Hannibal story. Season 1 of Hannibal was undoubtedly successful, season 2 reached even further into Hannibal¿s web, thus garnering even better ratings. The rock solid cast recount the stylised horror novels by Thomas Harris with such lucid perfection. Too much more about this TV show would likely lead to a spoiler.

There are many other TV shows which have come to light in 2014 which are deserving of a special mention to say the least¿

  • Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey ¿ documentary
  • Last Week Tonight with John Oliver ¿ news/talk show/comedy
  • Outlander ¿ drama/sci-fi
  • Gotham ¿ comic book adaptation/crime/drama
  • The Flash ¿ comic book adaptation/fantasy/sci-fi
  • Penny Dreadful ¿ drama/horror
  • Silicon Valley ¿ comedy

Of course these just 10 TV shows which are just the sprinkles on top of the cream of your favourite sugary weakness. At least now you don¿t need to wade through the detritus and wonder; are there too many good TV shows?

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