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Costume JewelleryWhen it comes to fashion, rarely are the terms ‘everyday’ and ‘on trend’ used in the same sentence, which is by no means a bad thing. In fact; by avoiding high fashion jewellery and rather forging your own path, you are more likely to find the sort of costume jewellery that not only speaks to you, but also reflects your own personal style and personality. These are the pieces which will form the foundation of your costume jewellery collection.

What Is Costume Jewellery?

Contrary to what the term suggests, costume jewellery is not made solely for the purpose of playing dress-up. It is however a term that encompasses a broad range of jewellery which is made using less expensive materials and imitation gems. In truth there are a very wide variety of gemstones which are far less expensive than precious stones which are often used in costume jewellery.

As for the metal and alloys which are used in the making thereof, there are varieties of costume jewellery which are silver or gold coated, and then there are varieties which contain cheaper materials such as lead, nickel and brass.

For the most part, the term costume jewellery means that the metals are not solid silver, gold or platinum, but rather merely plated in these metals and in some cases not plated at all. Ultimately these factors are what make costume jewellery less expensive.

Timeless Style

If you manage to find jewellery that is simple and elegant you are more likely to wear it for longer than just one season. Wearing jewellery for longer also means that you can afford to spend a little extra and get better quality costume jewellery. This way you can also avoid nickel and lead based pieces which may cause allergic reactions. By comparison fashion jewellery may not be as serviceable and easy to wear.


Something you may have noticed is jewellery which looks purposefully imperfect. The flat hammered facets of these items are synonymous with handmade artistry. The artisanal trend is definitely here to stay, most especially because it is not merely a trend. As the world gets smaller through globalisation and chain stores take over the malls, fashion items which are lovingly crafted (rather than production-line products) are in greater demand.


Another anti-globalisation non-trend is that of vintage jewellery. While women will rarely sell their family heirlooms, they regularly sell their costume jewellery. These items generally have an eclectic style which can be worn in any decade. Lookout for marcasite, art deco and cameo jewellery, which are easy to wear and will complement almost any outfit.


While glossy magazines are displaying chunky, heavy costume jewellery, the opposite is easier to wear, more elegant and less obnoxious in general. Itsy-bitsy necklaces, rings stud earrings and bracelets are feminine and easy to wear with jeans or a business suit… because less really is more.

Whether you are a lover of fashion jewellery or the simpler, plainer styles of costume jewellery, you can rely on the availability of a wide range of jewellery at your fingertips.

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