The Ultimate Back to School Shopping Tips

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Every year the December holidays speed by and before we know it we are back to the daily grind with the added joy of back to school shopping. Kids just lap up the novelty of running down the stationery isle ogling all the pretty colours and begging for every branded gewgaw they can find. Lest we allow ourselves atonement, there is indeed one massively gratifying alternative¿ no shopping trolleys, no frenzied queues and no sour-faced till operators¿ but first we address the cost saving aspects of this exercise (shopping for school supplies) in its entirety.

Plan Ahead

The moment schools break up; children are issued with post exam disappointment and stationery and school supplies lists for the coming year. Some forethought will allow you the time to gather up the remnants of the years stationery supply and cross off your list that which is salvageable. There will always be items which last year in and year out, thus helping you reappropriate a few randellas from the stationery fund to the ever important shoe, tattoo or gadget fund.

 Buy in Bulk

At times it may seem impossible to stick to a budget, but one practice which continues to yield savings is that of bulk buying. Whilst your child is unlikely to need 50 HB pencils, that same pack of pencils can be shared with his or her class mates. If a few diligent parents can rally together to shop for school supplies in bulk and split the costs, the savings will be worth the effort.

Wait for the Sale

Should your antisocial tendencies prevent you from successfully cooperating with others, your next best option is waiting for the sales. By this time the crowds are more likely to have dissipated, however your child will have to brave their first day at school with their ¿old¿ pens, pencils and other school supplies, but they will surely manage.

Buy in Stages

Often teachers may have preferences other than those stated on the stock standard stationery and school supplies list. In the first few days of school they will probably clarify whether or not certain items are unnecessary and what, if anything is especially important. This practice will keep at bay what is often one of the biggest annoyances for parents.

Keeping Their Stuff Safe(Ish)

Because you cannot walk behind your child all day picking up the things they drop, labelling your child¿s stationery and school supplies is the next best solution to keeping their goods in their possession. After labelling; the ¿you lose it, you replace it¿ method is becoming increasingly popular in light of the current recession. This method ensures that whatever they lose, they replace with their own money, be it pocket money or money earned by doing chores. They are more likely to take care of these items once they themselves have shelled out for them.

The other option initially mentioned; with no shopping trolleys, no frenzied queues and no sour-faced till operators¿ simply revel in the joys of online shopping this year to take the pain out of back to school shopping.

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