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Family Time CapsuleThe Gift of Happy Memories Capsule

The greatest gift you can give your family are happy memories. You can also make sure that those memories live past a few moments.?

Creating a time capsule is a fantastic idea for preserving memories. They provide something physical to hold on to as the memories recede further into past. Create the time capsules together as a family and make them even more precious!

A time capsule is a container which consists of preserved objects. This may hold sentimental value and be a memento of experiences, people or places. A number of families make time capsules for special occasions such as Christmas Day to relive all the experiences of the year.

What¿s keeping you from creating one, to celebrate all the special memories you have had with your family?

Here are top 8 time capsule ideas:

1.    Family members¿ photographs with names and birth dates
2.    Photographs of memorable family holidays or vacations
3.    Historical family information like your family tree
4.    Advertising material from the last century or so
5.    A list of things that have been considered trendy or cool for that year or century
6.    College graduations photos, awards and/or newspaper articles
7.    A video recording of a notable experience
8.    Tape & VHS Cassettes, CDs, art and toys

Admittedly, choosing a suitable container for preserving your mementos can pose a challenge. The main concern is ensuring that the container doesn¿t ruin your precious objects while purporting to preserve your memories.

We recommend a container that will keep out both air and liquid, as well as something that is rigid in order to protect the contents just in case it is dropped. Furthermore, a container that is slow in giving off chemicals and does not react with other chemicals is also recommended.

The best time capsule containers to utilise are uncoated polyethylene, abbreviated PET or PETE, with a screw-top lid.

When filling your time capsule container, begin with the objects that are heavier and work up to the delicate objects. By padding the delicate objects, you will be protecting them from the heavier ones. Lastly, ensure that the container is air and moisture tight to prevent the objects from chemically reacting to each other and decaying.

Afterwards, you will need a suitable location to store your family time capsule. We recommend that you store it in a dry and cool place. Preferably somewhere the young ones will not be able to reach.

It is important to avoid exposing your time capsule to sunlight. It is common to  bury it in your backyard; our stance is: why create such a treasure only to bury it? The pleasure of when you revisit your family time capsule is up to you to decide. You can do it annually, every second year or decade, depending on how often you make your family time capsules.

Making a family time capsule is a great bonding exercise, especially with your children. You teach them the values of preserving their treasured memories which they will remember you for.

Another great idea would be to make a time capsule for your children. Get your kids to include one of their favourite cartoon characters, toys, books, academic awards and pictures of their best friends. Your children will love the fact that they have been given an opportunity to be a little creative.

What will your children put in their own time capsule? Some great reads and books exist to get your creative juices flowing. Now gather your mementos and the little ones and start creating.

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