Improving Home Wi-Fi Signal

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6 Ways to A Better Wi-Fi Experience

We have all been victims of weak Wi-Fi signals at some point, whether at home or work. Let¿s admit it: being unable to connect to the internet is not fun. What elevates the level of frustration is rebooting your Wi-Fi router countless times with no difference made whatsoever.

Such incidents can, however, be eliminated with these top 6 tips on how to improve home Wi-Fi:

1.    Upgrade to the Latest Wi-Fi Technology

For an improved Wi-Fi signal, upgrade to a router that connects to the 5 GHz wireless network. That way, you will lower the chances of your common household devices (handsets, garage door openers, small kitchen appliances) interfering with your router¿s signal.

2.    Find the Perfect Spot for Your Router

For a home Wi-Fi boost, place you router at the centre of your house. Additionally, ensure that you have it placed at a higher spot and free from any obstructions such as cordless phones and appliances.

3.    Find the Right Wireless Channel

It is likely that you are connected to a similar channel as your neighbours, which can be the cause of weak signals. In order to boost your home Wi-Fi connection, use a Wi-Fi Analyser to detect the best channel to connect to. You can use an Android device as a Wi-Fi Analyser.

4.    Protect Your Wi-Fi from Hackers

If your Wi-Fi is not password protected, then chances are that someone is riding your Wi-Fi signal at your expense. However, having only a mere password isn¿t enough to keep those prying eyes at bay, it can easily be hacked. Rather use a Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) password.

5.    Control Bandwidth-Hogging Applications

If you are living with children and/or a spouse, chances are there is someone in the house who is regularly watching online videos, playing online games, or having video chats. This will consume a lot of bandwidth and temper with your home Wi-Fi network. A solution would be to prioritise certain applications over the others by using Quality of Service (QoS).

6.    Boost Your Router's Signal Reach

Lastly, to extend the reach of your signal around your house hack your router and install a DD-WRT firmware. This will provide you with additional security features and enhancements. It will furthermore boost your router¿s transmitting power eliminating the need to move to certain spots in your house for a better signal.

So, make a wise choice; get a Wi-Fi router upgrade and follow our top 6 tips to improve your Wi-Fi at home and enjoy smooth surfing on the internet!

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