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Classical Music ViolinLet the Classical Tunes

into Your Life

Classical music is said to have a number of benefits for people of different age groups, stages in their lives as well as in different developmental phases. It reportedly not only has health benefits. but also cognitive and physical benefits too.

For a long time, many pregnant women have taken headphones to their bellies in order to play classical music for their unborn baby. This is said to improve the cognitive development of the child. When continued into the toddler years, listening to classical music has shown additional benefits:  according to some research, toddlers exposed to classical tunes are much better behaved and show a better understanding of what is naughty and what is not.

Classical music does not only benefit youngsters, but also those who are not so wet behind the ears. Classical music is extremely beneficial to scholars, students, the workforce as well as the more mature age groups. It improves memory and thus helps us learn, study as well as remember shopping lists, birthdays (who said you need Facebook), etc.  

Classical music also has a number of health benefits. It has been known to reduce blood pressure and stress. High blood pressure and stress are some of the leading causes of heart attacks. Classical music eases both with regular listening.

Classical Music pianoInsomnia sufferers can also turn to classical music for relief. Insomnia can leave you feeling tired, unrested, moody and unproductive. If you just can¿t fall asleep no matter how hard you try, listen to classical music an hour before bed on a regular basis. This helps the mind unwind and relax and can help put you to sleep.

Classical music is also an extremely good way to lessen road rage. Here in South Africa, especially in our big cities, our roads are extremely congested. Let¿s be honest: no driver is immune to traffic rage; however, classical music is a helpful tool that you can use to cool down those hot-headed, blood boiling moments in traffic.

Classical music does not always have to be music by Mozart, Bach and Beethoven. Why not Pink Floyd, The Who and other great rock artists of the 60s, 70s and 80s whose tunes have become classical ballads. Rockabye baby and Major for minor are examples of this and definitely put a new spin on the way anyone looks at classical music. Although mainly for babies and for kids, adults have taken quite a liking to it too, professing that they did not know how fun a classical spin on ¿Nirvana¿ could be.
Classical music does not have to be as old and outdated and boring as what people make it out to be. Classical music offers some great benefits and there is a reason every classical music artist was considered a genius. Music is one of the best ways people relate to themselves, their surroundings and emotions. Let classical music become part of your life and reap the benefits.

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