Unusual Items Sold on bidorbuy Reveal Some Quirky Trends

Yesteryear’s favourites are being replaced by current sensations, but at least one peculiar item is displaying surprising longevity.

(14 March 2017) Several buyers on South Africa’s marketplace www.bidorbuy.co.za recently became proud owners of that latest craze, the fidget cube. Also called the stress cube by some sellers on the site, this desktop gadget, designed to keep idle hands busy, purports to relieve nervous tension and enhance concentration.

“That is only one of the less-ordinary items lately sold on our online marketplace”, says bidorbuy Marketing Manager Joni Calitz. “Over the past 18 years we’ve had some weird and wacky items traded on the site, for example belly button fluff brushes, Superman dog costume outfits, toilet seat warmers, shoelace fasteners, and false beer bellies. We even had people sell - and buy - such abstract merchandise as a guilty conscience reliever and an air guitar.”

The supply and demand of gimmicky and quirky items reveal the constant ebb and flow of trends in this intriguing, albeit marginal market segment. Thus, fidget cubes with their six sides, each of them providing a unique way to fidget, have squeezed out the traditional stress ball – at least for now.

In a similar way, the eye catching under car glow lights are gaining popularity on bidorbuy as an inexpensive way to add a special something to one’s car, while yesteryear’s favourites such as car headlamp eyelash stickers have faded into oblivion.  And mermaid tail blankets are set to keep us warm this winter, instead of last winter’s sleeve blankets, at least according to buying trends on bidorbuy.

Still, some gimmicky products display surprising longevity, notably the mankini. As many as three mankinis were recently sold on bidorbuy, even though it’s been more than ten years since this unusual beach garment for men was made famous by the film Borat.

Other gimmicky items that are attracting the attention of buyers on bidorbuy these days include speakers with dancing water, gas pump liquor dispenser, rolling machine for stuffing grape vine leaves and the hugely popular boys’ toilet training urinal.

“The bidorbuy marketplace is traditionally known for featuring out-of-the-ordinary items. While we certainly embrace and treasure this quirky and fun side, unusual items account for only a fraction of trading on the site”, says Joni Calitz and adds: “The majority of the items sold and bought on bidorbuy are collectibles, such as rare coins and antiques, as well as products of mass consumption, from household appliances and toys to jewellery and computers, to mention just a few.”

About bidorbuy

bidorbuy is South Africa's largest online marketplace. Established in 1999, the company has created a safe and convenient way for people to buy and sell goods online. As a virtual trading place that brings buyers and sellers together and allows them to buy and sell virtually anything at a fixed price or in an exciting auction format, bidorbuy has created a thriving online marketplace.